Spoiler: It may Glitter but it isn't Gold

Spoiler: It may Glitter but it isn't Gold

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After browsing all the latest kitchen appliances, gadgets, and trends I realized that no matter how well they displayed these new cookers, it's apparent that ✨not all that glitters is gold.✨

While the popular cookers trending on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram may be aesthetically pleasing, they continue to harbor non-stick chemicals and are constructed with materials like aluminum, coated metals, plastics, and lead-based coatings.

These cool colors and sleek designs may enhance the look of your kitchen, but these cookers compromise your health, impacting your overall beauty and well-being.

Wave goodbye to gadgets that could be harming your well-being and say hello to our Zisha Clay cooker. Not only does it make your meals tastier and more textured, it also boosts your health!

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