Up Your Probiotic Intake with Easy VitaClay Yogurt Maker & Slow Cooker

Did you know that we have atiny VitaClayavailable? It's great for making a couple of servings, reheating left-overs, making sauces, and it also has a built-in clay yogurt maker!

And if you’ve never had clay-batch yogurt, you are in for a treat.

You could pay $6 per serving to buy clay-batch yogurt in the store (if you can find it), or you could use VitaClay and make your own clay-batch yogurt for pennies: just the cost of milk and a spoonful of yogurt.

Sound appealing? It is. The yogurt made inVitaClayis amazing: it’s thick and creamy and smooth, without any straining. It’s just like Greek yogurt, without the labor-intensive process.

Did you know that VitaClay creates the creamiest yogurt without heating it up? Simply mix with starter, and set it for overnight. The yogurt will get more solid after a couple of days.

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And besides being a cute little clay yogurt maker, this baby is great for making sauces, will reheat your left-overs, and make smaller batches of soups, stews, broths and stocks. It may just be worth having this little guy as a second VitaClay!

So now if you want to be able to use clay to make your own portions of soups, stews and yogurt, you can now do that in about a quarter of the counter space (not to mention half the price tag)!


Up your probiotic intake and lower your carbon footprint at the same time.

Besides the high cost of buying commercially made yogurt, it’s cooked and stored in a plastic container. And they really add up. Also, the extra sugars, fillers and preservatives add up making yogurt less appealing when you peek at the label. With VitaClay, making low temperature yogurt and other probiotic goodies at home can be even easier than buying it in the store, especially with the probiotic counts in home-made yogurt exponentially higher than the store-bought counterparts. Costing just pennies on the dollar—your yogurt will be full of beneficial bacteria and can be made for just the cost of milk! And you are in for a real treat if you’ve never tried clay-batch yogurt before. It’s thick and creamy with a rich full flavor, just like Greek yogurt.

So what are you waiting for? Clay it up!

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