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Holiday Gift Guide Clay Pot Cooker

Do you ever feel like holidays–take Christmas for example–are sneaking up on you? It could be months before snow hits the ground and choirs sing Hallelujah, and then BAM! A few fast-paced, stressful weeks at work go by and it’s suddenly the Night(mare) before Christmas, and you haven’t bought any presents for your loved ones, let alone even set out any cookies for Santa Claus and the kids. 

Well we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen ever again! For any special occasion, whether it be the holiday season, Mother’s or Father’s Day, an anniversary, housewarming, or just a present to someone you appreciate very, very much–your colleagues, personal trainer, chiropractor, a loved one in post operation or remission (or even yourself, you deserve it!), VitaClay has thoughtful and heartwarming gift ideas for you.

The Ultimate Gift Idea Category List 

Gifts For Her

Since “Her” could mean many people, we’ll split this category up into gifts for wives, daughters, or any significant women in your life. One thing we do know is that regardless of who she is, she’s a hard worker who doesn’t always have time to make quality meals, either for herself or the family–but she deserves to have that!

For The Wife

Your wife is that special person in your life, and most definitely has things to do besides spending hours upon hours of her day on making meals. No matter what the arrangement for chores is around the house, nearly everyone I can think of would like to save cooking time while improving the overall quality of the dish, and that’s possible with the gift below:

VitaClay VM7900 Unique Gift For Wife

With the VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker, she can make healthy, nourishing food to boost her overall health, while removing her stress and allowing her to spend more free time with you or the kids. If she’s big into beauty, she’ll be able to make bone broth (link article) from a “collagen machine” that holds more collagen than a bone broth made in a pressure cooker, meaning she’ll feel confident with more radiant, youthful skin (Make sure you remind her of her beauty!). In addition, if she does meal prep challenges, she’ll be able to make days worth of food in a single sitting, with little waste.

For The Daughter

Whether your daughter’s in a college apartment or out and about living adult life, she’ll inevitably be swamped with studying, work meetings, or girls’ night outs. For that, she’d need a cooking machine able to make meals in under an hour with more nutrients and better taste than her college’s suspiciously cooked dining hall food. She’ll also appreciate something she can easily meal prep with, to hit into her busy work life balance, possible yet again with a versatile clay cooker:

 VitaClay VM7900 Unique Gift For Daughter

The VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker is great for cooking meals faster and with more flavor/nutrients, as the alkalinity of the Zisha clay helps draw out compounds that perform these roles. Furthermore, the even-heating nature of the clay means that food will be ready at a consistent temperature and faster cook time, helping your daughter not starve while studying for that math final.

Gifts For Him

Whether “him” is your father, son, boyfriend, uncle, or grandfather, he’ll likely undertake new hobbies as time goes on: one of them almost certainly being cooking. In fact, from 2003 to 2016, a survey saw that the percentage of men taking up cooking increased nearly 14 percent. While some men in your life might be experienced chefs, some might be complete beginner cooking newbies who probably don’t appreciate how high the barrier to entry is for some dishes that require complex instructions and end up tasting subpar due to the use of a pressure cooker which chokes the flavor out with steam. Regardless of skill level, everyone wants a machine that can cook food faster without losing that quality in terms of taste/flavor, especially in the case of stews and broths.

VitaClay VM7800 Best Soup Cooker Gift for Dads and Fathers

If that sounds like him, then look no further than the VitaClay VM7800 Clay Cooker! This clay cooker, functioning as a crockpot/slow cooker, can hold 6 QUARTS of liquid, all in organic clay that activates enzymes and minerals in foods, enabling him to extract extra flavors and nutrients from recipes. Nowadays, doctors are recommending bone broth, gluten free grains, less salt, less sugar and fresh ingredients, meaning unglazed clay is growing as the number one choice as it amplifies flavors, and alkalizes foods, increasing the positive interactions between the nutrients. From simple chicken broth to rich, clear consomme, or calcium-rich clamshell or shrimp stock, he’ll be whipping up savory breakfast, satisfying lunches or a deeply nourishing dinner options in no time.

VitaClay VS7900 Clay Cooker For Boyfriend, Uncle, Grandfather

On the flip side from those already dabbling into and honing their cooking skills, maybe he needs a little push to get into the vast and diverse hobby of cooking, calling for a beginner-friendly machine that will show results instantly, which can also be achieve with the VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker. The hobby has its perks: being healthier and in better shape, being happier, saving money, improving time management, boosting confidence, and overall making him and your family just that much happier.

Gifts For Mother’s Day or New Moms

Whether your mother works a corporate job or stays at home to make sure the house doesn’t get out of control, I’m sure that they’d appreciate an opportunity to save time, not having to cook for hours in order to put nutritious food on the table. For that reason, the VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker comes out as an obvious, unique, and versatile choice. Additionally, Zisha clay draws out natural flavors in the food so she doesn't need unhealthy sweeteners and oils, leading to more anti-aging and anti-inflammatory compounds to increase in concentration and help her achieve her weight loss goals. As for the gut microbiome, in a second we’ll explore another great unique gift idea.

While the VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker is great for fast meals and easy meal prep, she might also be into health and probiotics, meaning regular consumption of yogurt and other fermented dairy goodies. You can actually make yogurt at home in a clay cooker, which creates a higher CFU count yogurt that has a rich, consistent texture. This makes the VitaClay 3-in-1 VS7600 Clay Cooker perfect for her needs:

VitaClay 3-in-1 VS7600 Yogurt Maker Slow Cooker for Moms and Mothers

Furthermore, the VitaClay 3-in-1 VS7600 Clay Cooker also doubles as a slow cooker and baby food maker, meaning she can cut costs on store-bought baby food while saving even more by making homemade yogurt. Sounds like a win-win!

Gifts For Father’s Day

We love our fathers, and it’s important to show that, so here are some gift ideas for Father’s Day or any occasion–maybe even his 50th birthday! Although some are more culinarily gifted than others (a statement backed up by my dad’s funnily shaped meatloaf and ambiguous tasting fried rice), fathers are hard workers and need time to destress or even spend their free time honing a craft, like healthy cooking. As a solution, the VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker is the most versatile for this purpose, as it sets fathers up to starting out with easy and fast ways to make food that normally might take hours, giving Dad that encouraging push to take on more challenging recipes.

VM7900 Clay Cooker for Unique Father's Day Gift

From another “perfect set up” angle, if your dad is obsessed with his beef stews or chowders, the VitaClay VM7800 Clay Cooker provides all the essentials for fathers to make healthy broths and food that nourishes the soul, with the clay amplifying flavors and positive interactions between macromolecules and nutrients.

Gifts for Chefs or Home Cooks

Regardless of culinary experience level, everyone wants to save time while preserving quality, ideally. Those in search of a material that can evenly spread heat throughout the food to cook it faster, draw out important enzymes, flavonoids, and nutrients, and be enhanced by automatic, smart tech should look no further than a smart clay cooker, which manifests as the VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker: the best unique, luxury gift for chefs or even aspiring chefs and home cooks.

VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker For Chefs and Home Cooks

Gifts for Foodies and Food Lovers

The term foodie was coined for people with attraction and affinity to gourmet or good-tasting food, and in that case, we might as well all be foodies! The only thing holding us back is accessibility to awesome food, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Here’s an awesome, unique gift for foodies, the VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker

VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker for Foodies

Organic unglazed clay activates enzymes and minerals in your foods, enabling you to extract extra flavors and nutrients from your recipes while increasing digestibility. Clay is also alkalizing—everything the ancients prized in healthy cookware, superior taste and perfect texture and synergistic properties—clay working together with your foods and spices to create a synergistic partnership to let food be your medicine—right in your own kitchen.

Gifts For Health Nuts, Gym Rats, or Dieters

Whether on a bulk or a cut, gym lovers and health nuts need strict discipline to follow their routine, even though it certainly gets tiring at times. Organic unglazed clay activates enzymes and minerals in your foods, enabling you to extract extra flavors and nutrients from your recipes while increasing digestibility. Clay also helps impart the natural flavor of the food you’re cooking into the food, so less need for sweeteners and fattening oils. This makes the VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker a prime choice for those on keto diets or other dietary restrictions. Vegans, vegetarians, and health nuts alike will appreciate how food made in the VitaClay doesn’t have to have calories upon calories piled on top!

VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker For Gym Rats, Dieters, Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian

Gifts For Entrepreneurs

We all know that friend that has their own business. Ever since they started it up, it seems like they haven’t been able to catch a break; they can’t pick up their kids from soccer because they need to discuss marketing, or they’re at their desk thinking about how to improve their business, which takes up a lot of mental capacity and might show in the form of stress and hair loss. Eventually with this daily, constant bombardment on your body through stress and inflammation, serious conditions like cancer are able to gain a foothold.

VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker For Entrepreneurs

To combat this, the VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker is not only fast and easy when work calls, but also provides nourishing, mineral and nutrient-rich food with increased digestibility, meaning less cranky days at work and an actual opportunity to start using that food as fuel for the day. 

Gifts Ideas for Chiropractors and Massage Therapists

For whatever physical stresses in life come with adulthood and aging, whether it be a sore back or shoulder pain, your chiropractor and massage therapist have been there through it all, allowing you to keep going the distance no matter the ailment. Similarly, they’d likely appreciate a gift that is dependable and heals not just the body, but the soul, through ancient techniques. 

VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker For Chiropractors and Massage Therapists

That’s where the VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker comes in, with Zisha clay being used for thousands of years. The fine texture and slightly porous nature of purple clay, combined with its low thermal conductivity make it ideal for making food and brewing tea. Purple clay has special characteristics, chemistry, composition, and texture. It has a 4% water absorption rate, and is normally considered to be the best raw material for making chemical free teapots and crockery in the world. The ancients must have been on to something, as nowadays, clay is a way to harness healing nutrients and compounds from food while also reducing sweeteners, salts, and oils by integrating more flavor molecules into the food, making this the perfect luxury gift for your chiro or massage therapist to treat themselves to some healing as well, harnessing their inner zen.

Gift for Healing and Sick Loved Ones

Life happens, and sometimes you have to show up for those loved ones that are feeling a little under the weather, or maybe even those in recovery from surgery operations or chemotherapy. It’s easy to feel unsupported when your immune system and bodily strength is at an all-time low, so we’re here to provide some gift ideas to show that you support them, and are fully on-board with their road to healing.

VitaClay VM7800 Clay Cooker For Sick Loved Ones

With the VitaClay VM7800 Clay Cooker, their sick day soup can be upgraded with more nutrients and flavor, thanks to the even heating of the clay promoting that constant rate of nutrient/mineral release. On top of this, they won’t even have to worry about heavy metals like lead leaching into the broth, as unlike metal pressure cookers, this product is made with certified lead-free Zisha clay.

Do you or anyone you know have constant constipation, bloating, or diarrhea, with nutritional deficiency, skin problems, and brain fog? This could be a sign of Leaky gut syndrome, which is usually undiagnosed and occurs from a faulty intestinal wall that lets toxins into your bloodstream, usually resulting from a dysbiosis in your gut microbiome. But, fear not, as bone broth and probiotic yogurt can help heal this balance.

VS7600 3-in-1 Yogurt Maker Slow Cooker for Sick Loved Ones

The VitaClay 3-in-1 VS7600 Clay Cooker is perfect for this task, as homemade yogurt is often superior to store bought yogurt in areas like probiotic count and consistent flavor, texture, and nutrient distribution.

Gift for Your Boss

A good boss motivates the team to increase the quality and efficiency of work, so they’d likely appreciate a nice gift that does the same.

VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker For Unique Gift For Boss

The VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker, taking rice as an example, will do away with soggy, undercooked or overcooked rice, due to the even conductivity and consistent cooking timeframes. VitaClay utilizes a “micro-pressure” effect in their units, and food cooks up to 75% faster than traditional slow cookers, giving tender, juicy and delicious results every time so that your boss can hop on a meeting feeling calm and refreshed with all that free time.

Gift for You!

Finally, we’ve reached the end. I know we've been talking about how to give back and appreciate others in your life, but we aren’t addressing the elephant in the room! YOU deserve to treat yourself to a healthier lifestyle, without worrying about cooking time management or whether or not your food is truly nourishing and heavy-metal free. For that, you should consider the VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker for all of your cooking needs as you embark on your journey to healthier cooking and a healthier life. We hope we inspired you!

VitaClay VM7900 Clay Cooker For You

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