Can you Taste the Difference? VitaClay (Smart Clay Multicooker) Vs. Instant Pot (Pressure cooker)

Can you Taste the Difference? VitaClay (Smart Clay Multicooker) Vs. Instant Pot (Pressure cooker)

With so many recipes utilizing a slow cooker or pressure cooker, it can often be challenging to evaluate what's considered a good cooker. So, we're here to answer the question, which slow cooker is the best?

We've concluded that the Vita Clay Smart Clay Multicooker wins in that arena.

Can you taste the difference when you cook in vita clay quick slow cooker and (Instant Pot) pressure cooker? The answer is YES!

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"Cooking in clay pots has been around since ancient times, and now itÔÇÖs coming to your kitchen with VitaClay. Their clay cookers can cook in half the time as a slow cooker. And creates deeper flavors than pressure cookers. LetÔÇÖs talk about the heart of the VitaClay, their clay cooking vessel. The zisha clay is considered to be the best raw material for making chemical-free teapots. That is why vita-clay has sourced this clay for multi cookers.

Vita clayÔÇÖs pots are unglazed and contain no lead, aluminum, or nonstick chemicals. Because itÔÇÖs unglazed the clay is actually going to give your food another layer of flavor. Clay transfers those subtle earthy tones and creates distinctive textures that you just canÔÇÖt get from other methods or cookers. I Feel like the clayÔÇÖs actually seasoning your food. We could definitely tell the difference in lighter tasting foods like rice and yogurt. Cooking in the vitaclay is awesome, we tested three recipes in our vitaclay and compared it to another popular multicooker, the Instant Pot.

VitaClay and Insta Pot both have a rice cooking function. We tested a batch of jasmine rice. Both cook the rice but the VitaClay had a better flavor and texture. The rice tasted more ricey if that makes sense. ItÔÇÖs as if the clay pot was naturally seasoning the rice with earthy salt. It was also fluffier, each grain of rice was individual and not mushy.┬á

VitaClay also offers models with a yogurt making function. We made the same recipe yogurt in the VitaClay and the Insta Pot to see how big a difference there would actually be. I had to say VitaClays yogurt finishes with a distinct bright tanginess that was just missing from the instant pots yogurt. ItÔÇÖs those subtle differences that can elevate a recipe from great to amazing. The VitaClay is also going to outperform your slow cooker. The sealed environment can cut down slow cooker recipes by half. We made my favorite recipe, beef bourguignon in just under two hours. I added tender savory beef soaked in a red wine sauce. VitaClay offers an array of sizes and functionalities in their clay cookers. You can make tangy sweet yogurt and their smaller 2 quart cooker all the way up to their 6.5 quart cooker which would be great for making bone broths at home.

VitaClay is changing the slow cooking game by making a fast slow cooker you can get faster results and acquire a depth of flavor from the organic clay pots that you just canÔÇÖt get with any other cooking pots.

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