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Spanish Tomato Chicken Slow Cooked in Clay

March 30, 2017

Spanish Tomato Chicken Slow Cooked in Clay

Chicken is a favorite meat choice for many families: it’s delicious, healthy and versatile. Because we use it so often, however, we may often find ourselves burning out on our regular go-to recipes. What was once a favorite has become a boring weekly meal.

Enter this chicken recipe. It’s super easy to make (VitaClay will make it for you!) And it uses everybody’s favorite household staple meat: chicken, but is different enough that it won’t feel like the same chicken dinner. Plus, you probably already have most of these ingredients in your fridge and pantry! Try this awesome new chicken recipe tonight and let us know what you think!


  • One 3 lb whole chicken
  • salt, pepper, paprika (to taste)
  • 6 oz tomato paste
  • 1/2 cup or bottle of beer
  • 3 oz jar stuffed olives with liquid
  1. Rinse the chicken, then pat with salt, pepper, paprika and salt.
  2. Place chicken in the clay pot
  3. In a bowl, combine tomato paste with beer, stirring into a sauce, then pour over chicken.
  4. Add olives
  5. Close and seal VitaClay cooker, set to “stew” for 2 hours
  6. Serve over rice or noodles
This recipe uses a whole chicken, so it's a great alternative to the regular roast chicken, but really any chicken cuts can be used: breast, legs, thigh meat: it all comes out great!

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