Make Your Own Alfredo Sauce: Quick, Easy and Delicious in VitaClay

Make Your Own Alfredo Sauce: Quick, Easy and Delicious in VitaClay

I love to be able to make quick, easy meals at home. The problem with this is the time and effort usually required to make everything from scratch.

The way around this, of course, is to buy something pre-made, like, say a jar of spaghetti sauce or Alfredo sauce.

This makes things easier, but I don't always like what I see when I look at the ingredient list on such jars, and it sort of defeats the purpose if I'm trying to eat food that is very fresh, right?

So, for when I'm in a pinch or don't have anything home-made ready, I'll have a few jars of store-bought sauce on hand in my pantry.

But when I have time I love to make these things fresh, if only because they taste so very good.

One thing I love to make, and that is surprisingly easy to make, is Alfredo sauce. I was frustrated at the meager selection of Alfredo or any other ÔÇťwhiteÔÇŁ sauces I could find in the supermarket (and I never did find an organic variety), but I had no idea how to make it.┬á

Once I looked for the recipe, I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was. And VitaClay makes it even easier!

Now I try to have some of this on hand so I can use it whenever I want a quick pasta or white-sauce lasagna recipe. And if I don't have it on hand, it's so easy to whip up.

Ingredients for Home Made Alfredo Sauce in VitaClay:

  • 1 c heavy cream
  • ┬╝ c butter (grass-fed is super nutrient-dense!)
  • 1 clove garlic, crushed or minced
  • 1 ┬Ż c Parmesan cheese (grate it yourself for the best results)
  • ┬╝ c chopped fresh parsley
Directions for Home Made Alfredo Sauce in VitaClay:
  1. Add the butter to the clay pot and set to ÔÇťwarmÔÇŁ
  2. Allow to melt, about 10 minutes
  3. Add cream and hit ÔÇťstewÔÇŁ button
  4. After about 10 minutes, add garlic and cheese, whisking
  5. After it's heated through, it's ready to use
  6. Stir in the parsley just before serving

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