Creamy, Delicious, Fragrant Coconut Rice: Goes Great With Any Dish!

Creamy, Delicious, Fragrant Coconut Rice: Goes Great With Any Dish!

Rice recipes are suitable only for the rice setting on VitaClay Models VF7700 and VM7900 series. 

The first time I tried coconut rice I was visiting Thailand during the summer.  Wow I was in love. So I set out to make my own.

I was surprised how easy this is, and how amazing it tasted when I made it in clay. And like with everything, I love how I can control the ingredients when I cook at home: I can source organic rice (any variety, white or brown) and pair it with any dish I like.

Coconut rice goes particularly well with stir-fried Asian dishes or any kind of curry dish. The coconut compliments these dishes in an amazing way. Try this great dish yourselfÔÇöyou wonÔÇÖt regret it!


  • ┬á┬á 1 cup rice
  • ┬á ┬á1 cup water
  • ┬á ┬á1 cup coconut milk (full fat is best)
  • ┬á ┬áa dash of sea salt
  • ┬á ┬áshredded coconut (optional)
  • ┬á ┬ásesame seeds for garnish (optional)
  1. Cook your rice as normal, replacing half of the cooking water for coconut milk and adding a dash of sea salt.
  2. For more flavor, add in some shredded coconut to taste, and sprinkle with white or black sesame seeds before serving.
  3. Top with your favorite Asian stir-fry dishes or experiment with fruit for a light, sweet snack!
Coconut milk rice is easy, quick, and delicious. It's a nice change to your normal rice routine. If you enjoy a light, fragrant coconut flavor and need a versatile rice option that can be paired with both savory and sweet dishes, coconut milk rice may be just what you need! 

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