VITACLAY Collaborates Serving the Homeless for Healthier Community

VITACLAY Collaborates Serving the Homeless for Healthier Community

Now more than ever, neighborly kindness counts. There are so many people who are in need of food and even the smallest act of kindness can make the difference.

If you can, look to your local food bank, homeless shelter and outreach centers to see what resources they need and give your time, shelf stable food, masks, and/or money. It really can be as simple as picking up a few extra cans of food when you are at the store. In your neighborhood, consider cooking a meal or running an errand for those who are at risk.

At VitaClay, we are all about community and healing. Each week we cook and share nourishing recipes to help you keep your immune system strong while enjoying a delicious (and easy) meal.

This week we were able to donate VitaClay cooker to the Abundant Grace Coastside Workerfor their new kitchen. They are a 501(c)3 organization that serves the homeless and low-income communities in Half Moon Bay. Their goal is to introduce healthy alternatives for meals because everyone deserves good, clean food. Check them out here if you would like to help.

Know someone who could use a meal, check out this tasty and healthy One-Pot Meal with Baja Garlic Shrimp with wholegrain for dinner. Or share that abundant Coconut Curry Veggie Stew for the neighbors.

Remember, every bit counts!

Image courtesy of  Abundant Grace Coastside Worker

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