Something about healthy aging - "Aging" is a form of malnutrition

Something about healthy aging -  "Aging" is a form of malnutrition

Taking care of your physical, mental, and cognitive health is important for healthy aging. Even making small changes in your daily life can make a difference.

My dad sent this long article but I extract part of that- According to geriatricians, "aging" is a form of malnutrition.

The elderly have less appetite, insufficient calories and nutrition, decreased immunity, and decreased cognition.

The elderly generally have insufficient protein, so it is recommended that the elderly "eat meat".

According to Japanese reports, Okinawa has the most elderly people with longevity. They like to eat meat and fish.

Okinawa people eat meat similar to Taiwanese stewed meat, which adds radish, kelp, garlic, etc. Experts believe that this cooking method reduces total cholesterol, increases unsaturated fat, is nutritious and does not cause cardiovascular disease.

According to Dr. Shibata, deputy director of the Tokyo Institute of Aging Research, also said, protein deficiency may cause sarcopenia, easy infection, and threaten the life of the elderly.

"Meat food" is not the culprit of high blood pressure and high blood lipids.

Meat contains a variety of rich amino acids, which keep blood vessels soft, prevent arteriosclerosis and stroke, and improve immunity to infectious diseases.

In short, meat can provide protein, necessary amino acids, and other nutrients. The elderly should consider eating more meat and having a balanced diet.

Adequate nutrition, in order to successfully age.

  • Be sure to exercise more often
  • Strengthen the function of the heart
  • The human body is not a machine.
  • The machine is often worn out
  • The human body is just the opposite
  • Frequent use will make you stronger...
  • Always avoid to eat processed foods
  • Especially high starch and fried foods

About Lin Jingyun - was the first female surgeon in Taiwan and a pioneer in Taiwan's plastic surgery industry.

His husband is Dr. Lin Fangyu (a well-known cardiac surgeon in Taiwan, who served as the president of National Taiwan University Hospital, the director of health, the president of Taipei Rong, etc.).

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*Image courtesy of MedlinePlus 

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