homemade greek yogurt with sage honey

homemade greek yogurt with sage honey


­čŹŽ­čî┐ Is it yogurt or ice cream? Surprise! It's my delectable homemade Greek yogurt with a drizzle of sage honey! Unbelievably tangy and creamy, this delightful treat is the result of a 12-hour fermentation in my trusty VitaClay. Yummy! ­čśő

­čîč Did you know? Fermented 24-hour yogurt is a probiotic powerhouse! According to GAPS and diet experts, it's jam-packed with beneficial bacteria due to its extended fermentation process. In just one cup of this yogurt, you'll find a whopping 708 billion probioticsÔÇö50 times more than what's typically in a probiotic pill. Talk about a gut-friendly boost!

­čî▒ And here's the best partÔÇöwhen you make yogurt at home, you're in control! You get to choose all the ingredients and the incubation time. The secret to perfect yogurt lies in consistent heat during fermentation. No worries, though, my trusty clay pot, VitaClay, keeps the heat just right, preventing any unwanted sourness. The alkaline nature of clay also lends a sweeter touch, neutralizing milk acidity for that delightful flavor we all crave.

­čąú So, why not embrace the versatility of yogurt? It's not just a healthy substitute for sour cream, buttermilk, cream, and mayonnaiseÔÇöit's a culinary gem with endless possibilities! Let's enjoy this wholesome goodness together! ­čî┐­čîč

Hungry for the recipe? Check it out here!



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