homemade greekyogurt with sage honey

homemade greekyogurt with sage honey

Is this yogurt, or ice cream? It‚Äôs my¬†homemade¬†greekyogurt¬†with¬†sage¬†honey! Unbelievably tangy and creamy! It was fermented for 12 hours in my¬†vitaclay¬†!Yummy!¬†ūüėč

According to gaps and diet, fermented 24-hour yogurt has more probiotics because of the extended fermentation In a cup of 24-hour yogurt there are 708 billion beneficial bacteria, 50 times as much Probiotics as one gets from pill form. The typical probiotic pills usually have around 50 billion CFU's per serving.

Mostly, With homemade yogurt, you can control all the ingredients and incubation time! Heat is also crucial in the fermentation process. when heat fluctuates yoghurt can easily turn sour. But clay pots are heat-resistant and protects the milk from changes in temperature. Since clay is alkaline by nature, it also helps neutralize acidity in milk to a certain extent and the resulting yoghurt ends up sweeter. Yogurt is your best substitute for healthy versions of sourcream buttermilk, cream and mayonnaise !  

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