10 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Own Slow Cooker At Home

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When we think about slow cookers, we think about hearty soups and stews, chilis and chicken noodles and more. This easy to handle countertop device is perfect to cook a wide range of dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. They don’t require too much effort and are promisingly satisfying especially when it comes to soups and stews. 

Ideally, slow cooking is quick and easy, yet utilizes many ingredients for a full meal, but slow cookers aren’t just about throwing everything and forgetting it. There’s something more special about cooking with slow cookers that I would like to share to change the way you think about slow cookers and why you need to love them more.

1. The undying “throw it all and just leave it be” is of course priceless. We all are fond of multitasking because of the fast pace of living today. But when it comes to cooking, it won’t do any good to be distracted by any activity that opts you to lose focus on your dish. We don’t like burnt food, aren’t we? Even the simple answering of phone calls could be a threat to your cooking when you get absorbed in the conversation-you might have missed the person so much you don’t want to put the phone down. But before you forget everything, you need to turn off the stove unless you like to turn the meal into a disaster. Luckily, the “throw and forget” slow cooker function is working. Just set the cooking time and you can go on with your chit-chat; the meal will be ready in no time!

2. Cooking with slow cookers makes you a chef at home. Because slow cooking promises tastier meals, especially when cooked in unglazed slow cookers as it amplifies the flavor of the food, you can pretend someone else cooked your food. You can imagine a real good chef prepared the meal for the family when in fact it was only you and your best kitchen buddy.

3. You can keep out of the heat especially on a hot summer day. Instead of heating up the kitchen with your stovetop, why not use your slow cooker? Set it up to cook and you can just relax in front of the air conditioner, lie by the pool or sit in the fresh green garden while you wait for the meal. Sounds better than standing in the kitchen minding your dish.

4. Slow cookers are forgiving.Need to finish too many phone calls in the office? Or stressed out in the endless meetings and client inquiry? Worst of all, you get stuck in traffic going home. Your slow cooker doesn’t care if you get home late, you can still prep your meal as quick and easy as your slow cooker’s quick functionality.

5. Cooking with slow cookers makes food more aromatic. Since the pot is secured, everything about the food’s nutrients, flavors and aromas are in tack. You’ll be surprised to open your pot with that lingering flavorful smell of food which adds up to the perfect mealtime ambiance. It makes you more hungry; it entices everyone to come around the table quickly.

6. Slow cookers are great for indefinite eating time. Having a potluck party, holiday dinner or it’s just that one of your family works late and eats later than the rest, the food in the slow cooker is ready for the first person and still booming for the later fellow. Food in slow cookers stays warm longer or you can just reheat it when they’re ready.

7. Slow cookers are budget-friendly. Oh, really? Yep, that’s true! Slow cookers use less electricity than ovens and stoves when cooking, and is a considerable mode for cooking inexpensive cuts of meat. This will save you some amount, which you can use to buy other stuff.

8. If you don’t have a slow cooker right now, better have one before the big day. Crockpots are an excellent tool to use during the holidays. “I already have an oven”. Yes, but slow cookers are a mighty helping hand when the oven gets tons of actions to do during the holiday meal preparations. You could make side dishes with your slow cooker. More importantly, mashed potatoes, roasted turkey, sausage stuffing, ham, au gratin potatoes, and many other dishes are better when slow-cooked so get that slow cooker in your kitchen. Your oven will thank you enough for not overworking it.

9. Save time and money from going to the drive-thru. Do you travel much, or you just went to an activity and have to get home late in the evening? Skip the drive-thru and go straight home, make your homemade dinner with your slow cooker. After all, it’s quick and easy so you don’t have to bother about the wait. You can just slouch on the sofa for an end-day rest while the meal is getting ready.

10. My favorite part: slow cookers make the best meat stock. If you think the stripped turkey and chicken bones are of no use anymore after the Thanksgiving dinner, think again. With just the right amount of water and little veggies to add, you can make your own bone broth out of your turkey and chicken leftovers. You don’t need to buy bone broth anymore. Just freeze your homemade bone broth and use it for your next cooking project.

So, when you’re ready to step up your cooking game, get one of these amazing slow cookers and make the best cooking experience out of it! Check out our best slow cooker, VitaClay, which enhances the nutrients and flavor of your food through a faster "slow cooking" process. 

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