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Customer Win: Tony’s Weight-Loss Journey with VitaClay!

August 25, 2017

Customer Win: Tony’s Weight-Loss Journey with VitaClay!

We love hearing from our customers the ways VitaClay has helped them become healthier: from weight loss to the ease with which they can create whole, healthy meals for their families, thereby cutting the fast-food need by saving them time, effort and money!
Recently Tony K. contacted us to tell us his story. We were impressed with how VitaClay had contributed to his health journey, and want to share the story with you. Food truly is medicine, and your health is in your hands!
Tony writes:
I wanted to let you know that I use your amazing product at least once or twice a week and credit the VitaClay and your recipes for my total and complete physical transformation.  As you can see in these attached photos, I gradually lost 25 pounds from April to September last year and have kept the weight off since that time.
The key to my weight loss and health transformation was using the Vitaclay "every week" to make my now favorite chicken vegetable soup. I make a fresh batch every   Sunday  night and eat a bowl of the soup every day during the week and once or twice per week for dinner or late night snack as well.
In addition to the weight loss, I have also stopped taking my stomach meds and I believe it’s because of delicious and health food I eat now prepared in the Vitaclay.”
Wow! We are so glad that VitaClaycan help people like Tony, and like you, to achieve health goals and maintain well-being in everyday life.
Here is Tony’s beloved recipe if you’d like to try it for yourself:
(Soup recipes are well-suited to all VitaClay models!)
Tony’s Secret Weight Loss Soup with Chicken and Veggies
·            3-4 lbs of whole grilled or rotissere chicken broken in parts chicken thighs with legs
·            1 cup chopped carrot
·            1 cup chopped celery
·            1 cup chopped onion
·            Water to fill the pot
·            Salt, pepper and seasonings to taste (pre-cooked chicken may already contain sufficient salt/ spices)
1.         Load grilled chicken in Vitaclay   VM7900-8
2.         Fill up water or broth to almost to the top but leaving enough room for veggies later
3.         Set on "soup" to cook for 1-2 hours
4.         At last 30 minutes to finish cooking, load all veggies to cook for the rest of time
5.         Scoop out veggies and meat to serve and Enjoy!
Use leftover meat and bones and add new veggies and water to make next round of soup!
Serving for 2, 2-3 times per week
How about you? Has VitaClay helped you in your health and weight-loss journey? Do you have any recipes you’d like to share with others or have us convert to VitaClay? Let us know!

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