VitaClay RICE COOKER Lid FOR MODEL VM7900-8 AND VF7700-8 (4 Quart/8 Cup)

**PLEASE Be sure that you choose the right size for your cooker by looking at the lower back of your VitaClay® Chef machine. The very end of the model number indicates what size clay pot you need. For Example: If you have a VM7900-8, you would need a '4 Quarts / 8 Rice Measuring Cups' size clay lid. 

  • Due to the supply being limited, factories can not build lids alone without paring pots as they produce in bulk. It becomes more costly to build a lid alone without a pot.
  • Each batch production lid size varies within a tolerance range without effecting cooking performance.
  • Your next option is to get a pot set (pot + lid) that's matched and paired.
  • Extra pots can be used for cooking, serving and storing. It comes very handy! It is a better deal! To order a pot set (including a pot and a lid), click here >>

VitaClay® Clay Lid for Clay Bowl

    For 8 cups / 4 quarts Cooker models:

    • VF7700-8: 2-in-1 Rice N’ Slow Cooker (8 cup)
    • VM7900-8: Smart Organic Multicooker (8 cup)

    8 cups lid for model VF7700-8 & VM7900-8

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