Handmade Bamboo Steamer

Steaming your veggies or fish in this all natural bamboo steamer is a great way to retain crisp and vibrant colors of veggies, a full bouquet of flavors and nutrients. Simply add 2 cups water in your clay pot (4 cups in your VM7800 models), load your foods in bamboo steamer and place in Vitaclay cookers. Set on "Stew" or "Fast" to cook for 15 to 30 minutes or until veggie or fish cooked through. 

This special bamboo steamer is a great addition to any of these VitaClay cookers-

  • VF7700-8┬á
  • VM7900-8
  • VM7800-5C or -5S

Product Details

  • Sturdy bamboo construction
  • Ideal for steaming fish, vegetables or foods for 30 minutes.
  • Can be washed with mild soap and warm water
  • Include one bamboo basket
  • 6-in. diameter


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Glister Belleza-Carvin
Missing Pieces

Ordered the bamboo steamer along with the VitaClay cooker, opened the box and found 1/3 of the product? I sent a message and a photo to the company, got the response of that this never happened before and that it is not a VitaClay product. Frustrating, annoying and waster of my time.

Sabrina Parnell
Vitachef bamboo steamer

Excellent steamer. Works perfect.

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