Four season spirit soup

Four season spirit soup

Four season spirit soup is a perfect tonic soup for the early summer with pearl barley (Job’s tears), Euryale Seeds, lotus seeds and dry longan fruits to balance your “yin” energy from the roots- kidneys and guts.

The “chi” produced from the kidneys gives us the vital energy, and prevents grey hairs. This #beauty #soup with lotus seeds, Job’s tears, Euryale Seed and longan fruits is #goodforyou .

Euryale seeds also contain minerals like iron, phosphorus and calcium and vitamins like B1, B2, B3 and C. In TCM, euryale seeds are a versatile remedy made into a tonic that can be taken for many ailments. One of the primary benefits of taking euryale seed tonic is for its anti-aging benefits in youthful looking skin. Euryale seeds are also taken for vitality because they can help boost energy levels and maintain healthy weight. Euryale seeds are also able to help support the digestive system and strengthen and regulate it against digestive issues.

Job’s tears balance your “yin” energy, nourish guts, reduce “dampness “ to help lose weight, puffiness on face and belly fat.

Lotus seeds nourish heart, promote good night sleep, help relieve the symptoms of diarrhea and improve appetite.

Longan fruits provide general tonic to increase energy and boost the immune system, reduce stress, decrease fatigue, and boost memory.

Tossing this (soon released “herbal seed soup packet”) in your bone broth or meatless soup to rejuvenate and achieve Yin-Ying balance in summer is quick and easy!


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