Using Your VitaClay in Unconventional Ways: Game Day Hot Dogs

Using Your VitaClay in Unconventional Ways: Game Day Hot Dogs

┬áWhy the term unconventional? Believe it or not, our Vitaclay product is especially adept at giving you these types of recipes that most other slow cookers canÔÇÖt produce. The first ÔÇťunconventionalÔÇŁ use of VitaClay that we came up with is making yogurt. Yogurt made in clay is special. It has a different texture and taste than any other yogurt; that and itÔÇÖs thick, creamy and smooth almost like Greek yogurt without all the straining.

The next thing we tried was using the clay pot as a crock for fermenting vegetables, such as sauerkraut and kimchee. Some people buy special crocks for that purpose, but not me! I like to use my clay pot for as many uses as possible. Then I realized that the clay pot and warm function could make soaking and sprouting grains, seeds and nuts much easier as well.

Then came the idea with hot dogs. When trying to think of game day recipes for my upcoming Super Bowl party (or any party), I thought an easy idea would be a hot dog bar. It would be fun to have hot dogs warming in hot water like at the ball park, and then set up a condiment station. Everybody could make their own hot dogs on demand, and it would be an easy alternative to a cook-out for those living in places that are still too cold to hang out outside.

Game day ball-park hot dog bar with VitaClay!

  • Simply cover a dozen or so hot dogs (or brats, hot links, etc) with filtered water and hit ÔÇťwarm,ÔÇŁ and the hot dogs will heat up and stay warm all day in the water.
  • Your guests can come and make their own hot dogs using an adjacent condiment station.
  • The hot dogs stay hot, and you donÔÇÖt have to serve everybody. Genius!
  • Since we mentioned sauerkraut and kimchee, why donÔÇÖt you try it with your dog? YouÔÇÖre welcome!

Have you figured out another ingenious way to use VitaClay? Let us know and maybe weÔÇÖll feature your idea in the blog or an upcoming newsletter.┬á

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