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Soup Sundays Pepper Beef Stew: Delicious and Easy with VitaClay!

March 17, 2017

Soup Sundays Pepper Beef Stew: Delicious and Easy with VitaClay!

As the weather begins to cool outside and the leaves begin to change colors, we start craving warm, satisfying soups and stews.  Here at VitaClay, stews are sort of our signature dish: especially beef stew.

There's something about stew made in our clay pots that is just really great: even better than when it's cooked in other slow cookers. The clay preserves the texture and nutrients of food that is slow cooked, and it never gets mushy or bland.

It also cooks 50-75% faster, because our electronic housing seals and creates micro-pressure.

You won't believe your taste buds! With VitaClay, dinner is easier (and more delicious) than ever! To boot, it’s a super easy, nutritionally dense meal that will leave you satisfied and happy. This peppered beef stew adds a bit of a twist to the traditional beef stew, and the flavors are really excellent.


  • 1 sirloin tip beef roast (about 2 lbs)
  • 1 small red onion, sliced thinly
  • 3 garlic cloves, minced 
  • 1  baking potato, peeled & diced 
  • 3-4 carrots, peeled & chopped
  • other veggies, such as corn kernels or peas, as desired
  • 1 bottle beer (optional)
  • 1 c broth (2 c if not using beer) 
  • 1 T balsamic vinegar 
  • 1 T Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 T  parsley flakes
  • 1-2 t ground black pepper
  • 2 bay leaves
  • Salt to taste 


  1. Cut a large "X" in the top of the roast and put the roast into the VitaClay pot
  2. Stuff the "X" shaped roast cavity with sliced red onion and minced garlic
  3. Add potatoes, baby carrots and other veggies to the clay pot on top of the roast
  4. Pour beer/broth, balsamic vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce over the roast
  5. Sprinkle with parsley, and ground pepper. Add bay leaves to the liquid
  6. Cover and seal. Set to “stew” for 2-3 hours. Roast should shred easily with two forks.
  7. Add salt to taste.
  8. To thicken the soup, you can add tapioca or other starch to the cooking liquid


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