Baked Potato Soup

Baked Potato Soup

This recipe is great because it can use left-over baked potatoes, mashed potatoes or you can just cook up some potatoes just for the soup Uust do that beforehand-make a big batch and use them for several meals!)

So next time you crave that creamy, substantial, potato & onion goodness, you'll have this soup in your fridge and can heat it up and go!

Ingredients for Baked Potato SoupinVitaClay:

  • 6-8 baked potatoes (or about 8 cups of mashed potatoes (scoop out the white stuff and mash it or run it through a ricer if they're baked)
  • 4 Tbutter
  • 8 C broth
  • 6 leeks, diced (about 1 ┬Ż c)
  • 6 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 c sour cream
  • 2 ┬Ż┬á c buttermilk
  • ┬Ż c grated Parmesean
  • 2 ┬Ż t sea salt
  • 1 t ground pepper
  • 3 T sherry vinegar
  • 5 chives, chopped finely
  • shredded cheese for garnish
  • crispy bacon bits (optional)

Directions for Baked Potato SoupinVitaClay:

  1. Add everything but the vinegar, bacon cheese and chives into the clay pot, and stir well until mixed.
  2. Cover and cook on "slow" setting for 1 hour
  3. Stir in sherry vinegar and ladle into bowls, sprinkling chives to garnish

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