Antiviral and Anti-Cancer Longevity Superfood Kumquats

Antiviral and Anti-Cancer Longevity Superfood Kumquats

Do you feel tired often or low energy lately? Try this amazing antiviral and anti-cancer longevity superfood, Kumquats! it is also traditionally used as a home remedy to ease a cough or a sore throat!

More health benefits are: (According to Dr. Mercola)

  • Assisting with collagen synthesis and wound healing
  • Helping in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases, arthritis and diabetes
  • Helping with iron absorption from food sources
  • Regulating digestive health
  • Helping with the elimination of constipation, excess gas, bloating and cramping
  • Eliminating and counteracting free radicals from the body
  • Functioning as co-factors for metabolizing carbohydrates, proteins and fats
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Assisting in stimulation of new cell growth
  • Helping protect the body against foreign invaders, infections, bacteria and fungi
  • Helping optimize insulin and glucose balance in the body
  • Nourishing hair and teeth
  • Improving skin health
  • Building strong bones

You can preserve it in honey or in salt. Keeps indefinitely in the fridge. Just add a couple of kumquats to your mug, mash them with a fork and fill with hot water. Swirl in a bit of honey.

To learn how to preserve this, click here:

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