Reach Your Beach Body Goals Cooking at Home with VitaClay!

Reach Your Beach Body Goals Cooking at Home with VitaClay!

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer: beach and pool season! The season of warmth and sunshine and playing outside until the sun goes down! If you are striving to get your beach body ready for summer, we have an idea!

I have noticed that when I eat out a lot, the pounds start to creep on. When I consistently cook and eat at home on a regular basis, itÔÇÖs much easier to maintain a healthy, flattering weight.

Whether itÔÇÖs the ingredients (more sugar, more sodium, questionable oils and additives, processed ingredients) or just the fact that we tend to eat and drink more (and get dessert!) when we are eating out, the fact remains: the more you eat at home, the easier it is to stick to your health and weight goals.

But you may be thinking that cooking at home is such a hassle! Who has time for that?

The goal of VitaClay is to make cooking at home easier, quicker, more nutritious and more delicious that ever. That will save you time, money and inches on your waistline! 

Fortunately, cooking in clay has been time-tested: clay is the most traditional cooking material there is! Cultures all over the world still cook their most prized authentic dishes in clay. ThereÔÇÖs just something about the flavor, the texture, the colors and the nutrients of the food that is superior to any other cooking medium.┬á

And with VitaClay, making delicious, nutritious meals couldnÔÇÖt be easier: itÔÇÖs literally as simple as throwing ingredients into the pot and setting it: dinner will be ready after you run errands, pick up your kids, or take a nap!

Let VitaClay be your personal chef, and see just how easy cooking healthy meals from home can be! 

Save money and feel great with VitaClay, your personal chef!

Happy Memorial Day!

From the VitaClay family

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