Q: My Broth Comes out Without Gelatin. What am I Doing Wrong?

Q: My Broth Comes out Without Gelatin. What am I Doing Wrong?

All broth and stock recipes are suited to all VitaClay Models!

Sometimes we get questions about making broth, with people concerned that the broth does not "gel" in some batches.

Here are some of the ways to get more gelatin in your broth. 

Broth is nourishing and healing whether or not it contains an abundance of gelatin. The more gelatin the better, but any broth is a nourishing, tasty addition to all of your meals. So use a variety of bones for making your broth and youÔÇÖll get the full array of nutrients that it has to offer.

How do you know if your broth contains gelatin? 

All broth will contain some gelatin, but when it contains a lot of gelatin compared with the water content, it will "gel" when chilled (put it in the fridge and it will come out like Jell-O). 

Add More Bones

One way to get more gelatin is to add more bones to the cooking water. It makes sense: the more concentrated your broth, the more it will gel. 

Check the Cartilage Content

The ÔÇťtypesÔÇŁ of bones used has a direct effect on how much gelatin is produced.┬á The gelatin is actually pulled out of the cartilage and joint tissue between the bones. The bones themselves produce vitamins, minerals and other flavors but clean bones will not produce much gelatin on their own.

┬áIf you buy ÔÇťsoup bonesÔÇŁ there will be noticeable white cartilage and meat on the bones. Of course if you are cooking meat with bones in it, that is a great source of bones for broth. But when you eat all of the meat from it, often there isn't┬ámuch cartilage left to produce gelatin in your broth.

Cook on a Low Simmer

Some studies indicate that cooking at higher temperatures can break down gelatin so your broth may gel a bit less if the broth is boiling the whole time. A general rule of thumb is "low and slow;" cook the broth for up to 24 hours on a low simmer, with just small bubbles coming to the surface, or one bubble coming up every once in awhile. VitaClay's "soup" and "slow" functions are perfect for making broth!

Making broth is a simple and economical way to add great nutrition and flavor to all of your savory dishes. I love to add it to pretty much everything: as a base for soups and stews, as a liquid splashed into stir-fries, as the cooking liquid in rice and other grains, and so many other ways! Substitute broth for water in almost any savory dish. 

Ready to make broth? Check out how here. 

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