If You Don’t Do This Are You Even a Mom? 😅

If You Don’t Do This Are You Even a Mom? 😅

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and as I have become a mother I have come to appreciate all of the things my mom did for us that I never realized. 

Late nights

Allll the meals



Hugs and encouragement

Building us up so we believed we could do anything

Always being there to listen when I needed help or someone to talk to

Taking care of every need 

Moms are the best, aren’t they? And now that I’m a mom, I realize all the blood, sweat and tears it takes to raise children and always be there for them. 

But it’s so worth it. 

The one daily thing that is unavoidable and can start to wear on a mom is providing all the meals every day. It’s constant work and sometimes we get into a meal rut. 

So anything we can do to make this daily task easier for ourselves (and our moms!) is always appreciated. 

The game changer for me was my VitaClay. I can throw ingredients and spices into the clay pot and set the time to start cooking when I need it to cook… and that takes care of the meal! I can even create batch dishes like chili or fish & rice, then just pack them up and have them ready to heat and go throughout the week.

I can also make batches of broth and yogurt and create big fancy meals without breaking a sweat! 

So as Mother’s Day approaches, I encourage you to check out all of the great recipes we have in the recipe tab, and if you don’t have a VitaClay yet, take advantage of this amazing Mother’s Day sale… for you and your mom! 

Use code MOTHER15 to save $30 on models VM7900-8, VM7800-5C or VM7800-5S! Those are our 3 most popular models: the large multi-cooker and both versions of the stock pot!

But get them before the offer is gone--expires midnight May 10th!

Happy Weekend, 

VitaClay Team

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