How VitaClay Makes Cooking Traditionally Easy

How VitaClay Makes Cooking Traditionally Easy

Eating “traditionally” (or “eating clean”) is all the rage these days: from going organic, paleo, vegetarian, or gluten-free, to ditching non-stick-coated cookware and shopping at farmer’s markets. But what does eating traditionally really mean?

Weston A Price was a dentist in the 1930s and he set out around the world to study various cultures and see what they had been eating for hundreds of years. He noticed that when a person of any culture ate “traditionally” prepared foods, they were noticeably and measurably healthier than those who had moved on to a more “westernized,” “industrial,” or processed diet of white flour, sugar, and shelf-stable foods.

The cultures of the world provide a huge variety of “traditional” ways of eating, from paleo-type diets to grain- and vegetable- heavy fare, from lots of dairy to none, and everything in between. So there is no reason to feel “boxed-in” to one particular diet or culture’s idea of healthy food. As long as it’s a traditional diet, it can be a healthy choice.

The main thing to avoid are things that have only come into existence within the last century or so. These things include white flour, processed sugar, and anything packaged for shelf life (cookies, crackers, pastas, cereal). These foods have been engineered to save the manufacturer money, and to be addictive so we keep coming back. Our health is not a concern when these foods are made.

Clearly, the time-tested food traditions from around the world are best for our health and well-being.

There are so many benefits and advantages to cooking traditionally, especially with a slow cooker, and here are just a few reasons to cook with VitaClay:

  • It’s portable. Take VitaClay with you to parties or pot lucks, and cook prior to or during the event!
  • Don’t heat up the house!
  • VitaClay keeps all of the heat, steam and nutrients inside of the clay pot! So feel free to make nutritious, healthy, whole food meals throughout the year without heating up the house!
  • Save money and time: VitaClay uses ½ to ¼ of the energy of other slow cookers and electric cookers.
  • Get cheaper, tougher cuts of roast meat: VitaClay cooks tougher cuts of meat into tender, juicy, flavorful dinners—save more money and have great meals!
  • Another “oven.” One Thanksgiving I cooked every dish but the Turkey in VitaClay: free up time, space and energy, and make VitaClay work for you!
  • It’s super cute: That little red pot is so much more than functional: it’s a very attractive serving dish! Just grab a trivet and put it on the table. It’s an excellent conversation-starter!
  • Preserves nutrients, flavors and texture! Unlike stovetop, oven or other slow cooking, VitaClay seals in the steam from cooking, and leaves you with nutritious brothy goodness that will make all of the difference in your dishes!

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