Dinner Made Easy With VitaClay

Dinner Made Easy With VitaClay

Sometimes it feels like we just keep getting busier and busierÔÇŽ

Trying to make dinner several nights a week can really be a challenge, especially if youÔÇÖre helping the family off to practice, school events, work, or other responsibilities in the evening.

Here are a few reasons why the VitaClay is the perfect solution for a family on the go!

You can take your favorite slow cooker recipe and cook it in less than half the time it took your slow cooker (4 hours on high/8 hours on low = 2 hours in the VitaClay!) in fact, your 4 servings one pot meals take as quick as in 20 minutes!

Because of the slow, steady evaporation of steam from within the unglazed pores and closed chamber of the clay pots, the food you cook is healthier, more tender, and more flavorful.

Additionally, the Multi-Cooker preserves the vitamins, minerals, and aromatic elements as your food simmers in and absorbs its own juices and nutrients rather than allowing the benefits to boil away, with the added liquid. (This often happens with an Instant Pot.)

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