Declare Your Independence from Takeout!

Declare Your Independence from Takeout!


We know how it is…you’re at work all day and you come home tired! You just can’t exert any more effort to create a beautiful, nutritious meal crafted from whole, organic ingredients for your family, no matter how badly you want you pull through the drive-thru one more time, swearing it will be the last.

Even in the summer, when things are more laid back and the kids are at home all day—it’s hard to make time for three home-cooked, nutritious meals every single day! It can get overwhelming just thinking about it. So you call to order pizza again.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the occasional family meal at a restaurant or a fun night of pizza, popcorn and movies, but if that has become the norm, you may be frustrated with the cost to your wallet…and your health.

Enter—VitaClay, your Personal Chef! But don’t take our word for it… check out these customer reviews!

 “I use this pot to make quick easy and nutritious meals when we have an extra busy day and either I only have 30mins to prepare a meal, or we need something ready as soon as we get home.” -G. Webb, Amazon Customer

“I was so very pleased with this that I ordered another one. It has helped me a lot to have food always ready. I had been gaining weight because the food was not ready when I was hungry and I was eating that was around, nuts, etc.. Now thanks to the delay start button, I prepare healthy breakfast the night before and it is ready when I wake up in the morning. I also prepare lunch the night before and it is ready in the morning.” –Vivianne, Amazon Customer

“My rice making has been completely changed because of this product. Perfect rice every single time regardless of the brand or type I've purchased. No metal in the bowl makes me feel good about nothing leaching into my food. Plus, it looks really nice and is a high-quality product. This thing has lasted me probably 5+ years now and not a single issue with it.” --T. Nechodomu, Amazon Customer

Here at VitaClay, we want to make your life easier, by making it easier to cook whole, nutritious foods at home. That will save you time, money and inches on your waistline!

Happy Independence!

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susan williams
susan williams

July 07, 2020


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