Healing with Food

Food As Medicine?

We in modern America love our drugs. Pain in my back? Off to the drugstore. Indigestion? There’s a drug for that, too. Cold or flu? Over-the-counter. Bacterial infection? Prescription antibiotic. Headaches? Ibuprofen. Depression? There’s a drug for that. Baby got a fever? Midnight run for some baby Tylenol. PMS, insomnia, morning sickness, carpal tunnel! Another visit to the pharmacy to candy-coat what ails us. But are all of these drugs necessary, and are they worth the long-term cost to our health?

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m not anti-drug. There are a lot of life-saving drugs that are worth whatever the cost if it keeps you breathing. I just wonder if all of the drugs for the “little things” are worth what potentially equates to slowly poisoning ourselves over a lifetime. And most of these drugs don’t even cure the problems we have. Our bodies have mechanisms for telling us when something is wrong before disaster, and those mechanisms usually involve some kind of pain or discomfort.

The problem with today’s modern, busy people is that we don’t have the time or energy to sit down and figure out what our bodies are telling us. So we get a headache, we pop a few Advil, oblivious to the long-term cost to our kidneys. If the drugs were actually doing something to remedy the problems, it might be justified. The majority of these pharmaceuticals, however, simply slap a band-aid over the problem. We might not feel it any more, but it’s still there: and when not addressed, some problems only get worse.

What if there were another solution? What if the foods of the earth were nature’s medicine chest? What if eating a little bit of ginger every day had the same anti-inflammatory benefits of aspirin or ibuprofen, with other added health benefits? What if cinnamon could help you control blood sugar and avoid diabetes? What if green tea could cleanse your body’s build-up and keep you feeling young, instead of sluggish and tired? What if a daily dose of oatmeal could clean up your arteries and a couple of weekly doses of fish could fight depression and prevent dementia? This is not science fiction: it seems nature has an answer for everything that ails us. What is your favorite natural remedy? We’d love to hear from you, and hopefully we can all benefit each other with our food-as-medicine discoveries.  

Let Food Be Your Medicine: Can Food Really Cure All?

This weekend I watched a documentary about the Gerson Therapy.

Gerson himself formulated a cure for almost any serious illness, including all types of tuberculosis, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, cancer… pretty much anything he came across, he could use is food-based protocol and it was cured.

He cured his 12 year-old daughter of bone tuberculosis, which is fatal 100% of the time, with his method, and she is now 86 years old, still promoting his method.

If the documentary and testimonials are to be believed, countless people have been cured of every type of cancer (some with only weeks to live), fibromyalgia, and any other ailment known to man.

Does this therapy involve radiation or chemical therapies?

Starvation or drastic surgeries?

In fact, the emphasis is complete reliance on organic vegetables and fruits, and on frequent coffee enemas.

The first revelation is the therapy: something anyone can do to find healing.

There exist retreat centers to follow the protocol: one in Mexico, and others around the world.

But one teenaged girl featured in the documentary was following the protocol at home and healing herself of a malignant ovarian cancer.

Is it really possible to heal ourselves, just with food, and avoid all of the scare tactics and somber pronouncements by the established medical community?

Is it possible that all of the money we spend and miles we walk to “find a cure” are for naught–subsidizing a cancer industry that doesn’t cure but prolongs illness?

The second revelation–very disturbing–is that there are many who are trying to keep the Gerson therapy and other alternative therapies that work a secret from the population at large.

I’m no conspiracy theorist, but what if?

What if switching to a wholly organic and sustainable diet could prevent and even cure all disease?

What if sustainability–not the kind that promotes GMO monocrops and pesticide-drenched franken-food–real sustainability that actually contributes to the land instead of stripping it (beyond organic farms such as PolyFace in Virginia)–is really the answer to the ills of humanity, and of the planet?

If that’s the case, there are a lot of very wealthy people (and corporations) who would lose a lot.

I don’t care about making a lot of money, but I do care about my family’s health and the health of this planet.

If even 10% of us would turn from processed food and vote for local, organic and sustainable with our dollars, I believe it would literally change the world.

Let’s take a moment at the start of this new year and think about the choices we make every day: are they sustainable? Are they healthy? Are they the best decisions we can make?

Maybe it’s time to make a change. What kind of change do you want to be in the world?

The Healing Power Of Food

I saw Curing Cancer Naturally today about 4 different people who each healed their own different types of cancers using only food.

Each faced a terrifying diagnosis and overwhelming pressure to rely on drugs, radiation, chemotherapy or surgery to beat it.

Some of them began with the prescribed treatment and it either didn’t work or was deemed too risky. And a couple of them decided they wouldn’t listen to conventional medicine.

They believed that whole, real foods have been healing human bodies for millenia and that if they focused on that, they could overcome their illnesses, no matter how daunting.

The interesting thing is they each took a different approach: one guy went completely vegan and raw (his doctor said he was “insane” for not doing chemo), and two other women found the Gerson diet. The fourth woman was counseled to try macrobiotics. 

Each of these cancer patients is now a cancer survival story. Each person decided not to become a victim, and not to become a statistic.

Each person decided to take their health into their own hands, do their own research, and heal their own bodies.

Food is medicine. Nutrition is everything.

Decide today that you will harness the power of whole, real, organic foods to prevent illness for yourself and your family.

Cook at home more. Eat out less. Buy only unprocessed whole, real food. Avoid toxic pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified carcinogens by going organic or growing your own vegetables in containers or in your yard.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be impossible, difficult or even expensive. We all have the chance to harness the healing powers of the earth’s natural resources.

Heal yourself, starting today.

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