Vita Clay is a multifunctional clay crock pot cooker capable of replacing your pressure cooker, rice cooker, crock pot or slow cooker and other cooking appliances with a versatile cookware powerhouse. The VitaClay is a modern appliance steeped in the ancient traditions of deriving the greatest nutrition from natural produce and grains. Uniquely crafted with Zisha clay, VitaClay utilizes the traditional nourishing properties of clay to create the healthiest meal made simply and quickly with our synergistic ClayHeat technology.  This absorbent sealed clay system circulates heat and moisture to evenly cook the food - no oil is necessary! Enjoy lower fat meals with reduced risk of obesity and heart disease as a bonus to all the other wonderful benefits of our clay cooker. The Vita Clay cooking system naturally enhances the taste of your food while preserving essential nutrients. Our low temperature cooking activates enzymes in your food to promote easier digestion and nutrient absorption.

┬áVitaClay is the kitchen countertop machine that youÔÇÖll use every day and never put away. Experience our breakthrough slow cooker innovation and youÔÇÖll never go back to your grandmaÔÇÖs crock pot slow cooker. The VitaClay brings food to boil up to five times faster than conventional slow cookers and crock pots so that you get the same great-tasting tenderness of slow cooked meals at a fraction of the time. Our clay pot cooker combines the best of both worlds of a crock pot and pressure cooker yet delivers a better end cuisine- say goodbye to mushy, soggy┬áand overcooked veggies or fish! Unlike a pressure cooker, which┬áworks under high pressure and high heat over 250┬░F and destroys more nutrients, our clay crock pot cooker preserves these nutrients by applying even, mild heat to achieve the perfect tenderness and retain the moisture in your food.

Best of all, VitaClay delivers superior results to your rice cooker, slow cooker, crock pot, conventional stove top, and even better than a pressure cooker. Our award-winning VitaClay combines a rice cooker, steamer, bean pot cooker, sauce cooker, pasta cooker, casserole maker, a soup cooker, roaster, and a bone broth cooker all in one, meaning you can save on your electricity bill with this versatile and smart clay cooker. Our clay crock pot multicooker achieves unparalleled tenderness like a slow cooker and better yet, delivers at the near speed of a pressure cooker without compromising nutrients.  Experience tenderized meat, crisp and vibrant produce, and a full bouquet of flavors from simple ingredients, all with VitaClay. 


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