I really liked an idea of having a clay pot in the multi-cooker. Well, I have no regrets whatsoever that I gave it a chance. I love the delayed start option, with three toddlers it makes breakfasts much easier with hot cereal being ready by the time everybody gets out of their beds. While last night I braised some fresh turkey, added diced veggies and whole grain pasta, and put the pot in the fridge. This afternoon I simply added some water and put it in the cooker for 30 minutes and the lunch was ready. It's great! The taste is great, I don't have to think about it while it's cooking, Some mentioned that it cooks too fast for the slow cookerÔÇŽ but I never liked the food from the slow cooker anyway. All in all I really recommend it so far to anybody, who wants to save time in the kitchen.

-Irina Zlatkina (Baltimore, MD USA)

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