I've had my Zisha Clay Rice cooker for over 5 years and wouldn't consider anything else. When I bought it, I was concerned about the PTFE and PFOA of most Japanese-style rice cookers... Don't want the added toxins... So just like the old clay pot my grandma used to make clay-pot Chinese dishes, I decided to try it. Wow! Rice is great, must work to adjust the water amounts for certain rices. But I have cooked Quinoa, couscous, barley and bean soup, cassoulet and even Irish Steel cut oats. Made stew with it and Jook/ Congee. Nothing more natural than a clay pot. It does retain heat like a slow cooker but cookers faster. I brown my meat in a skillet first and then add ingredients for pot roast and hit stew.. and wait BAM!! finito! Perfect braised pot roast with nice caramelized onions... So I recommend it! Note: rice can brown on bottom if left on warm setting for longer than 1 hour. I find if I turn it off as soon as the rice "beeps" done. The ambient hit will keep the rice warm for a long time. Much longer than an aluminum pot. Also none of the flavoring that pans can put off.

-Ewakanel (Ewa Beach, HI)

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