How I Discovered that (Refined) Carbs Just Might be the Devil

For most of my life I've been a carb-o-holic. I loved anything carb: bread, rice, cake, cookies, crackers, chips, name it.

And I subscribed to the low-fat outlook on nutrition: if you are what you eat, I wasn't about to eat any fat.

After 2 pregnancies this method began to backfire.

I knew my hormones were out of whack (as evidenced by weight gain, low energy, etc) and I knew they had been disrupted in pregnancy, but I didn't know how to fix it.

I had already read Nourishing Traditions and was convinced that a traditional approach to food and lifestyle was the way to go, but I wasn't fully on board with eating a lot of fat.

Then I read a book about how our bodies are affected by hormones, which is affected by the food we eat, and I took notice.

That's when I changed everything about the way I eat.

Insulin is the hormone responsible for fat storage.

And carbs turn on insulin. It's as simple as that.

So I not-so-drastically began to cut carbs from my life. They'd played a big part, so it didn't all happen at once (and I don't think my body would have responded well if I had taken a cold-turkey approach anyway).

I began weaning myself off of carbs: first sugar, then bread, then pasta, rice, oatmeal, and other sources.

I don't think carbs are the devil. But I do think we eat entirely too many of them.

And it's worked for me.

Soon I lost weight without even trying, and I was eating all kinds of yummy things I had denied myself: bacon, tallow, butter, whole milk (raw, of course), and the delicious fat and skin on (well-sourced) meat.

I felt better than ever and since I began eating this way, I've solved some other problems that I'd had, such as terrible cramping in my abdomen when I didn't eat on schedule, and a nasty recurring case of the Hangries (caused by low blood sugar that is eliminated when you lessen your body's dependence on glucose for energy).

I've also noticed that I have a better disposition overall, less irritability and short temper than I once had, and more patience with my son and with other people.

That's why (along with a lot of research) I am convinced first-hand that diet can cure anything: from depression to diabetes, to hormonal problems, thyroid issues, even cancer.

After all, the food we eat is the only thing our bodies have to function. It's the only fuel our cells have to multiply.

Food is the only new information our bodies get, and the only source of nutrients our bodies depend on to be healthy.

So how could diet not be everything?

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