Converting Cooking Time: From Conventional Slow Cookers to VitaClay

Converting Cooking Time: From Conventional Slow Cookers to VitaClay

How to Convert Cooking Time For The VitaClay

Our cooker can be used as a slow cooker, but in VitaClay, food cooks about twice as fast. Many people adapt their favorite slow cooker recipes to our clay cooker using these simple tips:

  • If the recipe calls for a "hi" slow cooker setting, cut the time in half. (4 hours --> 2 hours) and use the "stew" mode.
  • If the recipe calls for a "low" slow cooker setting, quarter the time (8 hours--> 2 hours) and use the "soup" mode.

 Personally I have found very few recipes that need to be cooked longer than 2 hours, and they all come out with (better than) slow cooker-like results.

Exceptions to the 2-hour rule:

  • Roastsover 2lb can take about 3 hours (7700 and 7900 models onlyand with plenty of liquid). Do not attempt to cook roasts with no liquid or in the 7800 models. 
  • Split Pea Souptakes about 3 hours for the beans to disintegrate and liquefy into a smooth consistency. 
  • Bone brothscan be cooked for several hours to extract the maximum nutrition from the bones--please check the liquid levels after a few hours of cooking time. 

Model Differences

Our oval models (VF7900 models) can be pre-programmed with the convenience of a timer that will allow cooking to start at a specific time, so you don't have to be home while your food is cooking. The 7900 and 7700 models only have three differences:

  • the shape (79 is oval, 77 is round),
  • the delayed timer option (79 has it, 77 doesn't) and
  • the yogurt option (79 has it, 77 doesn’t).
  • New 7800 series modelhas a delay timer only on "porridge" function. Cook time for porridge function can vary based on contents, up to about 1 hour (cook time not programmable). 
  • New 7800 series models DO NOT make rice. This stock pot model is intended for large, soupy batches such as broth, stock, soup and stew only. 

Our website will be updated periodically with more information, promotions and recipes, and we send out an e-newsletter with recipes and tips twice a month.

Programming the cooker for under 1 hour total cook time

(Example: 20 minute cook time on model VM7900 series)

  • Press the “slow cooking” button (select either soup or stew). The 2 hour default should appear.
  • Press the “minute” button until it reaches 2 hours and 20 minutes
  • Press the “hour” button and scroll through the hours until it goes past 4 hours, and it should reset back to 0 hours.
  • It should now read 0 hours 20 minutes.
  • Do nothing, and in about 6 seconds, the cooker will begin cooking on the selected mode
  • Please always ensure food and appropriate liquids are present before beginning any cooking cycle.
  • Never pre-heat a clay pot before adding liquids. 
  • Never cook anything "dry" (food without liquids in the pot). Always ensure enough liquids are present than they won't evaporate out during cooking. 


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