Egg flower soup

Egg flower soup

Healing breakfast- Egg flower soup blended in arrowroot flour that is gluten free and a power house of Vitamin B promotes goodnight sleep, digestion and support weight loss.

Feeding your body with nutritious foods in this vital time is more important than ever! Your body needs right nutrition to support good immune system good health to fight virus flu and stay on top of the game!

This nourishing soup has free range eggs, fermented sweet rice wine, arrowroot flour, and goji berries. .

Easy, just add water and your favorite nutrient dense ingredients to boil for 10 minutes in your vitaclay (stir arrowroot flour to avoid burning on bottom).

Fermented rice wine is a traditional healing foods in tcm. It enhances your energy chi flow, blood circulation and nourishes your gut. It makes your skin glowing too!

If your digestive system isn't strong you may not be effectively absorbing all the nutrients and energy from the food you are eating.

A healthy digestive system will lead to Stronger immunity towards illness or infection, Clearer skin, and Healthier hair.

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