Can Your Kids Do THIS?? 👀

Can Your Kids Do THIS?? 👀

Tomorrow is “Take Daughters & Sons to Work Day!” 

Have you ever taken your kids to work with you? How do you think that would go? 

I think that it’s great to take any opportunity to teach our kids what real life is like, whether it be taking them to work, helping around the house, doing chores, or cooking meals. 

Kids these days have become more sedentary and dependent on technology than any other generation, so it’s important for parents to encourage real life experiences and learning how to become adults in any way we can. 

A friend of mine is helping her 16 year-old build her own business. That 16 year-old is creating brand logos and decorating mugs to sell. 

I think that’s amazing because this mom is teaching her daughter how to make it in the world. 

What are your kids good at? And what are the things they need to learn, whether they like it or not? 

Because let’s face it: we don’t always love cleaning the toilet, doing the laundry or mowing the lawn. But they are things that have to be done, and we have to teach our kids how to live on their own in a few short years. 

What are the things your kids do to contribute to the household? 

Cooking is a skill that is valuable to everyone because we’ve ALL got to eat, right? 

So why not get your kids on the right path, and teach them how to cook as early as possible? 

VitaClay makes cooking easy and it provides a great opportunity to get the kids involved creating the family’s meals and nourishment. Win-win! 

Check out these easy recipes below that are just prep, set and forget! 

It may be the start of a new passion for your kids--cooking! Who knows, maybe you have the next Wolfgang Puck under your roof! 

Happy Cooking Together! 

VitaClay Family

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