Used/Good - VitaClay VF7700-6 2-IN-1 Organic Rice N' Slow Cooker

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6/8 Cups Uncooked Rice (12/16 Cups Cooked Rice)

Warranty 30 days 

Size - 3/4 Quarts Capacity

    VitaClay® is easy to use. “Set-and-forget” feature is perfect for busy cooks! In just a few simple steps, you can prepare a satisfying and nutritional meal! The cooker has four settings (Rice, Brown Rice, Stew and Soup) with programmable cooking time from 30 minutes up to 12 hours! It’s like having an automatic gourmet chef right in your kitchen! 


    • Pre-programmed functions for “Rice”, “Brown Rice”, “Stew” and “Soup”,
    • Extensive clay pot cooking including bean pots, creamy porridges, and much more
    • Naturally nonstick unglazed clay bowl enhances the flavor and texture
    • Preserves essential nutrients
    • Free from non-stick chemical glazes or aluminum contacting your food!
    • Clay bowl natural thermal retention promotes uniform cooking
    • Double-lid design maximizes the steaming process to create tender and flavorful dishes
    • Cooks two times faster than in conventional slow cookers
    • 50% more cooking efficiency, using as much as 50% less energy
    • Extra power to cook larger cuts of meat
    • 30 minutes up to 12 hours programmable cooking time with 30-minute increment!
    • Automatically keeps warm for up to 12 hours
    • 10 minutes preparation time and a snap to clean-up
    • Recipe booklet, rice paddle and measure cup included
    • Makes up to 12-cup cooked rice / or 3.2-quart capacity
    • UL listed, FDA, CA Prop 65 and RoHS laboratory tested

    Parts & Accessories

    Parts & Accessories


    Clearance/Refurbished/Used items have a 6-month warranty, clay pot 30 day limited warranty*.

    *Please note, clay pot damaged via shipping error is covered in 30 day clay pot warranty. Warranty is only valid for household use only, not for rental or other commercial use.



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