The one daily kitchen counter top machine you’ll use every day and never put away.

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Live Richly - Eat Incredibly - Enjoy Health

Fast Delicious Flavors - Easy to Cook - Easier to Clean

Watch Video - VitaClay Dude Shows you how easily anyone can be a great cook! 

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The Problem With Cooking and Cleanup

You want delightful, delicious, fast and affordable meal choices. You want versatility, ethnicity and the ability to get great results with relatively little skill. You don’t want piles of dishes to and a huge countertop clean-up.

You don’t want to put in all the time, effort and ingredients to risk a failure.

Face it. Cooking can be a serious problem. At least cooking the way you’ve done it.

Don’t worry- We're about to make this a whole lot easier for you.

The Solution - The VitaClay Chef!

The VitaClay Digital Express can deliver exquisite results 500% FASTER.

This is an innovation in cooking that allows great results, incredible variety and very little clean up or skill in a really short time frame. The VitaClay Digital Express Cooker.

  • Pasta, Casserole or One Pot Meal
  • Soup, Stew, Sauce or Beauty Bone Broth
  • Pot Roast, Roast Chicken or Entree
  • Rice, Bean, or Wholegrain
  • Steamed Seafood or Veggie
  • Dessert, Yogurt, or Baby Food          

We'll show you how.

It is a success solution for cooking you will love and use many times every week!

We’ve combined one of the most simple delightful slow cooking techniques that has been used around the globe on every continent for 2,000 years and added the speed of digital technology plus mild sealed pressure to simplify your cooking while intensifying flavor and curating delicate tenderness at once.

This is the Vita Clay Digital Express Cooker, the Ultimate Universal 5 Minutes Flavor Machine!

The most versatile kitchen appliance in the world.

At the push of a button you can have over a dozen world class cooking techniques at your fingertips and get incredibly succulent results.

This appliance easily replaces a slow cooker, a roaster, a pressure cooker even a crock pot. It also replaces a rice cooker, a steamer and more. It makes meals, entrees, breakfasts, even desserts and jams. Things you'll cook people will be talking about for years.

A Slow Cooker or Crock Pot can take 8 - 10 hours to produce decent results.


Stovetop or plug-in pressure cookers cannot be opened while cooking. 

A slow cooker doesn't reduce sauces because it traps 100% of the moisture and it takes forever to cook.

VitaClay can be opened at any point, you can add fresh ingredients half way through, plus, the steam vent allows the reduction of sauces for incredible flavors.

The VitaClay lives perfectly in the space in between. Slight pressure, check in on results like a chef and add produce at the end to ensure freshness and crisp bright colors. 

Delivering incredible versatility with delayed timed start OR instant start with cook cycles that range from minutes to hours with auto warming at the end. 


Customers Love VitaClay - And So Will You!

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VitaClay is HEALTHIER.  

Perhaps the most important feature is actually the clay itself. Clay is NOT metal, so there is not metal transferring to food.

Clay is naturally alkaline and slow heat allows a full bouquet of flavors to develop.

The slight pressure in the device helps lock in nutrients that the high heat of a pressure cooker can destroy.

YES you could cook all of these foods with the use of pots pans and easily a dozen electric appliances. You COULD. But WHY would you?

The incredible thing about the VitaClay Digital Express, It TAKES NO LEARNING TO COOK LIKE A CHEF.

Put any ingredients in… a protein like chicken, beef pork, beans rice water in. If this sounds simplistic it is from a cooking perspective yet we’re short on ingredient because we could spend the day listing the things you can cook to perfection.

Add liquid. Any seasonings you use. Oil, butter or not. That’s it.

Hit the temp and start now…or set the timer and leave and when you come back you real is done, warm and tender delicious, nutritious with flavors that have been gently released and meld together. Keep in the nutrition, seal in the flavor.

Convenient- Dish Saving- Energy Efficient- Super Easy Clean-up and more versatile than any appliance ever created. It’s meals, side dishes, desserts and more.

It’s a …

Rice Cooker, Bean Cooker, Sauce Maker, Pasta Meal Maker, Casserole Maker, Stew Maker, Chowder and Sea Stew Maker, it Roasts Perfect Meats- Chickens, Beef, Ribs, Pork, Loins, Briskets, Bone Broth is Health and Beauty Soup.

The secret is the combination of sealed clay pot cooking that allows continuous even low heat with mild pressure. It can cook with superior results to a roaster, a crock pot, a conventional stove top and even better than a pressure cooker.

Smart Technological breakthrough:

Fully programmable from 10 minutes to up to 5 hours with 10 minutes increment. Delay timer and automatic Warm allow you to start cooking automatically any time of the day or early morning breakfast without waking up! Easy to read clock and LCD display.

Multi-functional Clay cooker:

7 function settings include White rice (Quinoa), Brown rice (Wholegrain, or Wild rice), Sweet rice (Sushi, Sticky), Reheat, Stew (Roast or Steam or Beans, or less liquid cooking), Soup (Broth or more liquid based cooking) and Yogurt(Germinate). 


  • Unglazed organic clay bowl enhances the flavor and texture.
  • Natural clay bowl promotes uniform cooking
  • Free of toxic metals and non-stick chemical glazes contacting your food!
  • Slow cooking breakthrough innovation - up to 4 times faster to bring to a boil than conventional slow cookers, then slowly simmer to gourmet perfection, sealing in flavor and retaining texture
  • Dual-lid design prevent evaporation sealing essential nutrients, vitamins and enzyme.
  • Easy whole meals are as fast as in 30 minutes
  • High-fired clay pot with wider temperature shock resistance up to 480 F that enhances longevity.
  • Fast, slow cooking from 10 minutes up to 5 hours with 10 minutes increment.
  • 50% more cooking efficiency, using as much as 50% less energy.
  • Cooks larger meats easily.
  • Easy “Set and Forget it” 
  • Super easy cleanup.
  • Delay timer and Automatically keeps warm for up to 12 hours .
  • Makes probiotic rich Greek yogurt or yogurt or yogurt cheese
  • Pre-programmed for savory stews, delicious soups and porridge, white, sweet rice, and brown rice. Extensive food cooking versatility including 30 minute meals, bean pot, pasta dishes, healthy steam and whole grain rice!
  • What's included: Color recipe book, Recipe booklet, rice paddle and rice measure cup.
  • Power rating: 120 VAC / 60 Hz / 600 Watts
  • Cooking capacity: 4 quart
  • Tested and verified by 3rd party laboratories-UL listed, FDA, CA Prop 65 and RoHS laboratory tested.


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