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Earth Day Sweepstakes - win 1 of 7 prizes!

make earth day every day with vitaclay

Earthlings have been cooking with clay for centuries - ever since they discovered its special healing properties along with it's unique ability to make food more delicious by amplifying flavors and maintaining perfect textures. The synergy between clay and food is unparalleled. Natures perfect combination.

Now it’s your chance to begin a culinary journey with Earth's finest material--unglazed clay coupled with clean and green technology.

Fill-out our VitaClay® Sweepstakes Entry Form to Win!

7 PRIZES to Win 1-of-7 VitaClay® Best Cookers:

  1. Smart Organic Multicooker 6 Cup (VM7900-6)
  2. Smart Organic Multicooker 8 Cup (VM7900-8)
  3. 2-in-1 Rice N’ Slow Cooker 6 Cup (VF7700-6)
  4. 2-in-1 Rice N’ Slow Cooker 8 Cup (VF7700-8)
  5. 2-in-1 Mini Organic Slow Cooker N’ Yogurt maker 2QT (VS7600-2C)
  6. Smart Organic Multi-crocks n’ Stock Pot (Clay) 6 Quart (VM7800-5C)
  7. Smart Multi-crocks n’ Stock Pot (Stoneware) 6 Quart (VM7800-5S)

Deadline:  April 23, 2017


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