VitaClay 2-in-1 Organic Rice N' Slow Cooker in Clay Pot VF7700



6/8 Cups Uncooked Rice (12/16 Cups Cooked Rice) or 3/4 Quarts Capacity 

Mineral-rich VitaClay® known as Zisha clay is well known in Asia for its superior cooking qualities. For over 3,000 years, Chinese cultures have appreciated VitaClay® because it absorbs and retains heat superbly - making it the ideal material to create pottery for cooking.

Thanks to its slightly porous nature and low thermal conductivity, VitaClay® absorbs heat while maintaining a steady temperature, so it’s excellent for rice or slow cooking. It brings out rich flavors and texture of food. Additionally, VitaClay® cooking bowl has natural nonstick cooking surface that is unglazed, so no chemicals or aluminum contacting your food!

VitaClay® is one of the healthiest ways to cook rice or
prepare a meal. By stewing foods rather than sautéing
or frying, you can cook dishes that are low in fat and
cholesterol. This translates to delicious meals that are good for you! And VitaClay® can be used for preparing all kinds of cuisines, from Italian and Mexican to American and Asian.

Best of all, the VitaClay®is easy to use. “Set-and-forget” feature is perfect for busy cooks! In just a few simple steps, you can prepare a satisfying and nutritional meal! The cooker has four settings (Rice, Brown Rice, Stew and Soup) with programmable cooking time from 30 minutes up to 12 hours!It’s like having an automatic gourmet chef right in your kitchen!

How is vitaclay different from Pressure cooker and conventional crock pot slow cooker?

  1. A Slow Cooker or Crock Pot can take 8-10 hours to produce decent results. The VitaClay can deliver exquisite results 500% FASTER
  2. VitaClay is not a pressure cooker that will choke out the nutrients and flavors of your food in a puff of steam.
  3. The VitaClay lives perfectly in the space in between. Slight pressure at lower temperature, check in on results like a chef and add produce at the end to ensure freshness and crisp bright colors. You can’t do this in a pressure cooker easily.
  4. Clay is NOT metal, so there is no metal transfer to food.
  5. Clay is naturally alkaline and slow heat allows a full bouquet of flavors to develop.
  6. VitaClay combines the best of both worlds of crock pot and pressure cooker yet delivered a better end cuisine.  

Features n’ benefits

  • Unglazed organic clay preserves the flavor, texture and nutritions
  • Natural clay promotes uniform cooking
  • Free of toxic metals and non-stick chemicals in your clay pot 
  • Pre-programmed functions for “Rice”, “Brown Rice”, “Stew”, “Soup” and "Warm"
  • Slow cooking timer can be set from 30 minutes up to 12 hours with 30-minute increment!
  • 4 x faster to bring to a boil than your mother's slow cooker for perfect texture. Say goodby to your mushy over cooked foods!
  • Your easy and nutritious meal made in as quickly as 30 minutes or in less than 2 hours
  • Automatically keeps warm for up to 12 hours 
  • Clay bowl natural thermal retention promotes uniform cooking
  • Double-lid design maximizes the steaming quality to create tender and juicy dishes
  • Cooks two times faster than in conventional slow cookers
  • 50% more cooking efficiency, using as much as 50% less energy
  • Extra power to cook larger cuts of meat
  • 10 minutes preparation time and a snap to clean-up
  • What's included: recipe booklet, clay pot, clay lid, lid lifter, stainless steel cooker base, rice paddle and rice measure cup.
  • UL listed, FDA, CA Prop 65 and RoHS laboratory tested
  • VF7700-8 : Dimensions - 12.3" L x 12.3" W x 11.3" H / Weight - 11.5 lbs
  • VF7700-6 : Dimensions - 10.5" L x 10.5" W x 10.5" H / Weight - 10 lbs


  • Please note: Cooking in VitaClay must have liquid (water or clear broth) to present at all time or no "dry cooking" should be done in any VitaClay pot. Please ensure adequate liquids throughout the cooking cycle, as burning or "going dry" can compromise the integrity of the clay. For detailed direction, click here for our recommended  cooking chart.
  • How long does this cooker take to cook the most slow cooker recipes? In 30 minutes to 2 or 3 hours in "Slow cooking" setting!

    To convert cooking time from conventional slow cooker recipes into VitaClay ® slow cooking, the rule of thumb is if the conventional slow cooking time is set on ‘high’ for 4 hours (divided by 2), or on ‘low’ for 8 hours (divided by 4), the VitaClay® Rice/Slow Cooker multicooker will only take 2 hours.

  • How long does this cooker cook chicken? 2 hours for 3-4 pounds of a whole free range organic chicken. Or 30 to 40 minutes for 1 pounds of breast or bone less chicken. 
  • How long does this cooker cook a roast?2.5 to 3.5 hours.
  • How long should I cook bone broth? Chicken soup or bone broth for 2 to 3 hours on "Soup" setting. Beef bone broth for 4 to 5 hours on "Soup" setting. Let the bone broth settle in "Warm" for additional overnight, or 8 to 9 hours to further gel or create more collagen (optional). Click here to view what a farmer says about


  • What if I want my foods cooking all day long while I am away from home? VitaClay cooks at 4 X faster than conventional slow cooker. With  automatic "Warm" (up to 12 hours) feature, your foods won't be soggy with better texture and it would stay in warm when you are!  
  • How long does this cook for my beans? For soaked beans, liquid ratio is 3 to 1 for cooking 1 to 1.5 hours on "stew", or 4 to 1 for cooking for  2 hours on "Soup" setting. For dry beans, liquid ratio is 6 to 1 to cook for 2-3 hours on "soup". 
  • What's the minimum cooking volume in this stock pot?  1/4 of the pot.
  • Is the clay pot oven and microwave safe? Yes!
  • Is the clay pot stove-top safe? No.
  • How to cook "Porridge"in my VitaClay? for rice or grains based porridge, use "soup" to cook 1.5 to 2 hours. Adding milk has to be at serving time as it may cause overflow or food burning.
  • How do I cook my Steel cut or roll cut oats? Add 1 cup oat and 4 cups water, set on "Stew" for 30 minutes (optional: add 30 minutes in WARM for softer texture and you may add milk to your serving bowl to avoid burnt  in pot or overflow). Note: please do not use "Rice cooking" for oatmeal as as burning or "going dry" can compromise the integrity of the clay. 
  • How do I select each cooking function? Continue to press Rice Cooking or Slow cooking key until a proper function is choose, then press "Hour" or "minute" key to choose cooking time within 7 seconds. Within a few seconds, cooker will start cooking immediately. Note: On Rice cooking, you do not need to set on timer as it is fully automatic. 
  • How do I steam my fish or veggies?Add 1 cup of water, a steam tray or a ceramic bowl, load veggies or fish on top. Set on "Stew" for 30 minutes. Another option to steam is to add ingredients on top of rice at last 10 minutes of rice cooking. Let it simmer in "Warm" for additional 10-15 minutes. Note: If you like to steam for an hour, add 2 more cups of water before cooking. 

Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories



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Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Warner
Vita Clay, the Healthy One Pot Multi- Tasked!

I have had four Vita Clay cookers and given over 10 as gifts to friends who have shared meals and loved them. This latest and largest one is fine tuned and I am treating it with the care it deserves. It is easy and the aroma as it cooks plus the finished product is the red carpet of cookers with the Clay nutritional bonus. I will never be without one . Ah, waking to that steel cut oatmeal abd sampling the whole cook book . Healthy! Happy! Two generations of us abd extended friends abd family 😍😋😊🤔🤫😶🤭

Richard Whitney
Good clay, bad heat

I have only made one brown rice, and one soup. Both were great. I have had trouble with it from the start, and I don’t know if it is the cord or the heater, but now it won’t work at all. Worse yet, the e mail on the customer service works worse than the cooker. I left a phone message, have yet to hear back. Good idea with the clay,but, so far poor execution. Disappointed to say the least.

Jenny Hurth

I love my vita clay, and I want to be sure that Michelle, the customer service employee who helped me through the order, gets full credit. She was above and beyond! Thank you

barby booth

so happy to have gotten this! finally can cook food without allergic reactions!

The best

Omg! I absolutely love this slow cooker! Just so amazing in every way!!! I'm so happy I took and chance and bought it.

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