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Step Away From the Can: Enter Traditional Food (Part 4)

July 25, 2017

Step Away From the Can: Enter Traditional Food (Part 4)

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So here I am, fully committed to eating only organic food, and happily munching away on my organic crackers, cookies, pastas, breads, and cakes. Enter Traditional Food. I was introduced to a book called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, which documents and supports an earlier work by Weston A. Price called Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (both of these books are so good, and I highly recommend you read them).

These two books turned everything I knew on its head. They not only confirmed my unwilling belief that processed food (organic or not) was the devil, but they confirmed what I secretly knew instinctively, deep down: people have been thriving on their local, fresh, whole, traditional diets for millennia, and within a few years we industrialized the whole food system to make food cheaper, easier, and more convenient.

These “benefits” have a cost, however, and that cost is amounting to be higher than anyone could have guessed. I started watching the growing number of documentaries showing the problems and cover-ups in the industrial food system in America. Cutting costs means using cheaper, more chemically-dependant (read: more uniform) ingredients in the processed food that had become essential in the American kitchen. We got used to cheap, fast, easy food that tastes great. But does it? If there are chemicals in our food that trick our brains into thinking a food is delicious, is it really?

All of these discoveries inevitably led to what I probably knew all along: I need to ditch the processed food and start making pretty much everything myself. Thus began my journey into re-learning how to prepare meals from scratch. This has been a fundamental skill in the lives of people all over the world since the dawn of time, yet now for some reason it is a cause of trepidation and feelings of inadequacy. But is cooking food from scratch really all that difficult or time consuming?

One tool I have found invaluable for helping me to make delicious, nutritious meals from scratch every day in my own kitchen is VitaClay. With VitaClay, cooking has never been easier, more delicious or more nutritious. You won't believe the difference clay can make!

Stay tuned for more Step Away from the Can: Freshness Matters.

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