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Arsenic in Our Food?! The "Safety" of the American Food System

July 25, 2017

Arsenic in Our Food?! The "Safety" of the American Food System

Most recently in the food media we've seen a disturbing news item highlighting arsenic found in some cheaper brands of California wines. Now on its own, this bit of news might not seem all that disturbing. After all, maybe it's nothing, or maybe the levels aren't so much to worry about.

And on the surface you might think, “Well, it's only California wines,” or “It's only cheap wines,” or “It's only blushes and whites, and I only drink red.” The issue of trace amounts of arsenic found in cheap wines is not the issue, from my view.

There is a disturbing overall trend of exposing toxic chemicals in almost every corner of the American food supply. Wine is not the only arsenic-laden food found in the American food supply of late. Did you hear the numbers on arsenic levels in American-grown rice? What about the news a little earlier about dangerous levels of arsenic found in almost every sample of grocery store chicken meat tested? Do we still think a little arsenic in our wine is not going to hurt us? 

Whether it's “trace levels” or not, if you've got arsenic-laced rice topped with arsenic-fed chicken, washed down with arsenic-laden wine... you may start to have a problem. 

Arsenic... isn't that the same tasteless, odorless substance people used to kill each other in Shakespearean plays? Methinks this could be a problem. Jamie Oliver, a world renowned British celebrity chef, recently warned Europe that a new trade deal would open up Europe to “inferior American food.”

Does that bother anyone else? We're sitting here in America, fat and happy with our cheap food, all the while thinking it's perfectly safe. But is it?

Can we trust multi-billion dollar corporations to provide our food for us?

Can we really afford to sit back and just eat whatever they give us, while cancer, heart disease and diabetes rates skyrocket all around us?

Can we afford to continue to buy cheap food that is costing us our very lives? And that may cost us the planet?

Stay tuned as we explore ways to break our dependence on the American Food Industry, one step at a time. 

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