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Vote With Your Dollars and Be the Change Today!

March 23, 2017

            I’ve been moving towards and whole-heartedly adopting a “real food” diet in the vein of Weston A Price, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, and beyond organic farming, for about 10 years now. But my whole life I’ve been health-conscious even from childhood. I guess I was never heavily dependent on junk food, though I have tried it all especially when a teenager.


            But most recently, since adopting a more roots-up approach to diet and lifestyle, I’ve really stepped out of the whole mainstream, fast-food, convenience meal lifestyle and try to make everything from scratch the best I can. And because I surround myself with like-minded people, I find that I am surprised that fast, junk and convenience foods are still so prevalent. Doesn’t everybody know how bad they are at this point?


            Sometimes I drive around town and realize how many fast food chains are still on every corner. And when I get into the grocery store, I see too many carts filled with processed foods that have so many ingredients and preservatives that they might have been sitting on the shelf for nearly a year. And I wonder: how are these junk food companies still in business? The information is out there. People can easily learn the health dangers of eating these foods, especially on a regular basis.


            Yet there are still carts filled with them at the grocery stores. And there are still lines in the drive - thrus. I think if I asked most people, they would concede that they do know the dangers of these foods, or at least know that they are not a healthy option. Yet they don’t have time, or they are intimidated by cooking everything from scratch, or they really, really like those chips and cookies and French fries.  Or maybe they don’t think that what they do matters so much.


            I’m just one person. Who cares if I eat a junk food burger every once in awhile? Well, the problem is too many people have this attitude. And our choices add up. Our choices matter. In our bodies, our decisions about food accumulate every day, either in our fat cells, as stores of toxins, or as nourishment and a fountain of health that we can rely on for decades to come. In our societies, our decisions about food accumulate.


            Those multi-billion corporations are watching our every move. Our every dollar is voting for sustainability, for organic, for nature’s cycle of life, or it’s voting for GMO production, highly refined and processed chemical-laden meals. If we want to see a change in society, in the environment, in our own bodies: we have to initiate that change and vote with every dollar that we spend. 


            If we are spending our dollars on organic food, more farms will switch to organic food. If we spend our dollars on fresh food that spoils and we don’t buy cookies and chips and French fries, you better believe that more healthy options will become available to us. Those same companies that provide health-destroying processed food will give us what we want. We just have to show them that we want it. Even a 5% market shift causes panic in a multi-billion dollar food company, and they make adjustments as quickly as they can. It’s time to let them know that we demand better.


            It’s time to vote with our dollars.

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