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This Common Kitchen Spice Could Cure Cancer!

December 29, 2016

This Common Kitchen Spice Could Cure Cancer!

There is a common (and easily obtainable) kitchen spice that has proven effective against disease, comparable with at least 14 popular pharmaceutical drugs.

It has…

  • No side effects.
  • Anti-oxidant properties
  • Great flavor
  • A bright color that can be used as a natural food colorant (even to dye Easter Eggs!)
  • Wide distribution to most supermarkets
  • Convenient forms (powder, capsule, root)
  • Been used all over the world for thousands of years
  • Therapeutic healing properties for small ailments
  • Antibacterial and skin wound healing properties

What is this magical spice?


It’s the main ingredient in curries and gives them their bright colors. The main disease-fighting active ingredient (that we know of) is curcumin.

I constantly see studies popping up showing turmeric effective against cancer, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, inflammation, on and on and on.

And today I read an articlethat said turmeric has been confirmed to be as effective as 14 different pharmaceutical drugs (named in the article) against various health issues, ranging from diabetes to depression!

Whenever I discuss the magical healing powers of one food or another, I inevitably meet with the question: “where are the scientific studies proving it?”

Well, in most cases, there is no motivation for a corporation to fund such a study, because their findings wouldn’t make them any money (and would probably work against them, since people would start popping cinnamon instead of blood sugar meds. Not much money in cinnamon these days).

But in the case of turmeric, there have been literally thousands of scientific studies conducted, proving its efficacy against hundreds of problems.

The best thing about turmeric is that it’s a delicious spice. I add it to everything.

  • Sprinkle it into soups, over stir fries and into smoothies
  • Add it to the when making rice, quinoa or any other grain
  • sprinkle a bit into the batter of baked goods (a little and you can’t taste it)
  • sprinkle over eggs in the morning
  • Make a yummy turmeric drink (lots of recipes for this online)

It can be added to almost anything. If you add too much, it is bitter–but a little here and a little there, and before you know it, you’re getting a good, healthy amount.

I like to buy the organic version, because like with everything else, its effectiveness is increased and there aren’t as many contaminants.

So grab a jar of turmeric and see how easy it is to heal your body!

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