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Step Away From the Can (Part 5): Freshness Matters

December 27, 2016

Step Away From the Can (Part 5): Freshness Matters

This is part 5 in the Step Away From the Can Series. Click hereto start from the beginning.

In nature, if a food is delicious, brightly colored, and of a good texture, that means it is fresh, healthy and has a lot of nutrients. 

In the last hundred years, however, we have learned how to manipulate food with preservatives, colors, and artificial flavors into looking, tasting and feeling fresh—even if that food is a year old (or more).

From hamburgers to apples to pasta: our food hardly even qualifies as food any more.

Consequences of a Modern Diet

We’ve only been eating processed food for a few decades, and coinciding exactly with that time frame, chronic diseases (and resulting mortality rates) have skyrocketed.

It doesn’t take a genius to see the correlation, proven or not.

What Can We Do?

After becoming acquainted with fresh organic food (especially at farmer’s markets and CSA, which tend to be more fresh than those sitting on grocery store displays), I’ve come to see a difference in the food that we “should” be eating.

Spend some time at a farmer’s market, especially at the organic vegetable booths, and then go to the grocery store.

You’ll soon see the difference freshness can make.

Tomatoes in the produce section pale (literally) in comparison with those fresh from the farm, and apples are crisper, oranges juicier, colors brighter and tastes sweeter and stronger.

If the correlation between taste, texture, freshness, color and nutritional content holds, your money is better spent with fresh-from-the-farm produce than with sup-par vegetables and synthetic vitamin supplements.

But don’t take my word for it: check out the difference for yourself. Who knows; you may just start feeling better too.

Here's a challenge: for the next month, try to eat only fresh, organic ingredients that you prepare into meals yourself. Skip the fast food and processed boxes and bags altogether. See how you feel after that month, and think about the experiences of savoring fresh, nutritious, whole food. Then decide if the extra effort was worth it. 

One tool I have found invaluable for helping me to make delicious, nutritious meals from scratch every day in my own kitchen is VitaClay . With VitaClay, cooking has never been easier, more delicious or more nutritious. You won't believe the difference clay can make!

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