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Parts or a Whole: How Can I Prevent Disease?

July 20, 2017

Growing up in America I’ve always had a western conception of medicine and of health. For example if I got a headache, I wouldn’t think of that as a problem with any part of my body but my head.

If I heard that someone had heart problems or stomach issues or a pain in his shoulder, I would think of that as a problem that was isolated to that one body part and that it should be treated in an isolated manner.

My body wasn’t an integrated, interconnected whole in my mind. It was a collection of distinct organs and parts that had nothing to do with one another. If something went wrong with one, it was because that one part had a problem, but I never conceived that it could be caused by or could affect another part.

When I look at it now, this type of thinking makes no sense at all.

And perceiving the body as a whole, interconnected unit where every part impacts and reacts to every other part makes a whole lot of other things make sense as well. Like when I knew someone who was sick with a really bad flu then they got pneumonia. Then had some liver issue and then her leg hurt really bad and she couldn’t walk for awhile, and then she found out she had a brain tumor.

With my old way of thinking, this kind of “bad luck” was almost unbelievable. How could one person get so many unrelated problems all at once? But when you think of the body as a whole, all of the parts working together to strengthen and back up and help the other parts, it’s all so much more understandable.

Yesterday I was listening to a talk on thyroid health, and the speaker brought in science connecting gut health with brain health with thyroid health and how nutrition influences every part of this delicate balance.

Again I am amazed at the complexity and seamless functionality of our bodies. All we have to do is eat nutritious food, and our bodies know exactly what to do, exactly how to work and thrive and make us feel great and look great and allow us to think and create and do.

There is still so very much we don’t understand about how our bodies work and how each part affects the whole. What we do know is what people have been doing to keep their bodies strong and healthy for thousands of years. All the more reason to take control of your health now!

And what better way to do that than to cook all of your meals at home. Check out our recipes, articles and tips here on our blog and throughout the website. VitaClayis here for you to help you along your health journey.

Here's to your health!

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