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Ideas for all of those Thanksgiving Leftovers--Easy in VitaClay!

July 18, 2017

So you made it. The Thanksgiving meal has been cooked, served, and cleaned up. It was a success. Everyone was happy, and it was a great day. Now what do you do with all of these leftovers? Maybe you managed to send some home with dinner guests, but most of them refused. And your family is sick and tired of the plain turkey sandwich on white bread with mayo.

You need some ideas of what to do with all of this food. You don’t want to throw it away; that would be wasteful. Plus: how often do you have practically-ready food in the fridge that you can just heat up and eat? After that marathon meal, you don’t want to have to think of planning and prepping meals again for at least a few more days. Here are a few ideas to mix it up a bit with those Thanksgiving leftovers.

    • H earty fall turkey chili. Spice up your life with chili and use your leftover turkey at the same time!
    • Turkey-noodle soup. Just throw in some broth, leftover turkey, noodles and veggies, and you’ll have a warming, yummy soup you can sip on all day long!
    • Bone broth, baby!Once the meat is gone, use those bones! Bone broth is a nourishing, traditional food. Take advantage of all of those bones and treat your family to health! Bone broth will keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks: use it in all of your dishes, and as a base for soups, stews, rice and stir fries.
    • Thanksgiving dinner sandwich. Just grab some bread and pile on the turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and green bean casserole!
    • Reheat your leftovers in VitaClay without a microwave! I love this little feature on my VitaClay. The “reheat” setting (in the rice menu of 7900 series) is great for re-steaming rice or steaming up a big bowl of Thanksgiving leftovers. Just throw some water in the pot, and fill up a bowl of food, hit “reheat,” and you’ll have a delicious meal in about 10 minutes.
    • Use that leftover pumpkin pureein all kinds of stuff. From pancakes (just add it to the batter) to pumpkin spice lattes (just add it to your latte and mix it up with an immersion blender), this leftover will add a nutrient-rich (not to mention delicious) punch to all of your holiday-inspired regulars!
    What do you make with your leftovers? We’d love to have more yummy leftover recipes to add to our list! Send us pictures and ideas here or on our Facebook page!

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