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Bringing Simplicity to Your Life (and to Your Kitchen), Traditionally

July 20, 2017


            In our culture of overabundance it’s easy to let all of the “things” in life clutter out what is really important. Over the past few weeks I’ve been methodically re-organizing my house with the sole intent to give away as much as possible.


            A cluttered house bring stress, and what for? Just to have a lot of things laying around that I never use? It’s paradoxical that we work so hard so we can buy more, and then all that stuff piles up in our homes, stressing us out.

As I try to simplify, I’m trying to rid myself of any unnecessary or duplicate items. For example: I used to have a slow cooker, a rice cooker and lots of stock pots for the stove.

When the non-stick coating on my rice cooker started flaking off I began researching alternatives, and was so happy to come across VitaClay. No non-stick chemicals, no toxic contaminants, and clay is the most traditional cooking medium in existence!

            Once I began using it I was hooked, and I realized I could use it for lots of things that I’d been using multiple appliances for.

Vita-Clay to the Rescue!

Now I use it on a daily basis for making broth, cooking rice, all of my slow-cooker dishes and even for making yogurt! I was able to clean out my cupboards and have just one nice-looking appliance on my counter-top to do it all. It has inspired me to take that simplicity to the rest of the house.

How do you minimize clutter and keep simplicity in your own life?

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